Ugh, what happened?!



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    Your next post should be I went to a walking centre/ear/ saw my doctor. Run to get medical help run
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    That show be e.r.
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    Adding to what others have stated, weight gain like that can be a sign of something serious. In my personal experience, oncologists have been extremely understanding. I know it can be emotionally taxing to "bother" a doctor or nurse for something "probably fine", but I've been told by many healthcare professionals that they'd rather see you 100 times then not at all and harbor a serious problem. I saw an amazing oncologist for a year while under the care of a hematologist. My own weight gain (which wasn't as dramatic as yours, but frustrating and noticeable) was due to a massive blood clot and reduced blood flow throughout my body.

    My roommate's sister (age 22) passed away from an un-diagnosed heart condition that had her swelling and gaining water weight for months. Didn't see a doctor in time.

    I don't wish to scare you, but calling your doctor is a good step, plus being honest about the symptoms. Before my medical emergency, I was very hesitant to "bother" doctors and still sometimes struggle with it. The worst they can say is, "it's nothing" and you have the peace of mind to go along with it.
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    Something really is wrong - I agree, either your scale has been broken the whole time or you are terribly ill. 30# of fluid would be extremely noticeable. The skin of your calves would be tight - I speak from experience of fluid retention problem. Actually painful to walk when retaining fluid - and I sure did not retain anywhere close to 30#. Please, before jumping to conclusions, check your scale. Hoping for great success for you!
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    Please keep us posted on what you find out. We're sending positive thoughts your way and keeping our fingers crossed!
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    You might want to at least call your doctor without waiting 3 weeks and talk to the doctor or a nurse. My sister was 27 and gained maybe 10-12 lbs of water weight over the course of two weeks, mostly in her legs. She died in her sleep before the end of week 3, and never got around to calling the doctor. She was was maybe 20 lbs overweight, not obese by any means. And no previous medical conditions. The sudden weight gain can be a symptom of something very serious. Please take care of yourself.

    How unspeakably sad. I'm so sorry.

    ETA: Not a hijack. Totally relevant. Tragic.