What do people cut back on?



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    I didn't cut pasta at all. I do have mostly whole grain pasta, but not always. When i was losing weight, I kept the serving size to 2oz or so. (2.5oz now that I workout much more frequently.) I never drank soda, but I did cut basically anything with added sugar completely. I cut alcohol, for the most part. I try to go low sodium with most of what I eat.

    I eat every 3.5-4 hours and don't have a time I stop eating at night.
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    z4oslo wrote: »
    This site feels like im in this great science project sometimes. Luckily im just a spectator.

    Anyway, if anyone can pass me the fitnesspal bible it would be great. Have not read it yet.

    Sorry to hear you're missing out on the fun part - the science fair project.

    Others have referred you to the bible - good thing, as I totally stink at religion. Science FTW though!

    Carry on with whatever is delivering great results for you, even though you haven't chosen to share that magic on this thread.
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    I still have an occasional soda, and eat pasta often. I don't believe anything is bad, it's all about moderation.
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    Less sweets, bread, cheese, and junk food. I cut drink calories pretty much completely though.
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    No soda or caloric drinks. I honestly don't eat bread or pasta on the regular but I also found a way of eating that I like and I can adhere to. Not eating pasta doesn't upset me, but you don't have to cut it out all together. I prefer to save calories to have it handmade and delicious....not out da box.

    Meal timing doesn't matter. I eat IN bed at like 10pm.
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    I don't buy or keep potatoes, pasta, or rice in my house and they are not on the grocery list.. However, if I am out and about I don't fret over indulging over a burger and fries or sushi... For the most part I cook and eat my meals at home which are usually a meat and veggie, or fruit and veggies, hard boiled egg etc for a snack..I save my high carb meals for on the go days and fast food :)
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    Much less pasta, bread, ice cream, chips, & pizza.
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    Totally eliminated sodas and any sugar added drinks or foods. Still have some beer/wine and but only rarely - - like once or twice a month compared with 1-2 cans of beer and/or wine a day. Same applies to pasta and bread; only rarely eat the stuff now and I make sure that it fits w/in my calorie & macro count b4 I do.
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    I have always drank diet soda. I try to limit it to one a day (sometimes two). As for pasta I have cut it out almost entirely for me. I still cooks it for my sons.
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    Estefani_H wrote: »
    People who eat pasta and drank soda do you conpletely cut back? What all do you do? Thanks also what time is best to stop eating at night?

    I pretty much stopped eating crackers. The calories were not worth it to me. I didn't really stop eating other foods just changed portion sizes.
    I choose to drink mostly water or unsweetened tea. I like to save my calories for food.
    You should stop eating when you go to sleep... or whenever you've used up your calories for the day. Timing doesn't really matter.
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    i've cut back on pasta, rice and potatoes.mostly because the portions are not big enough to fill me up. i eat bread almost everyday though.
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    Soda - Drank Diet Coke when I was fat, drink it now I'm not. Most of my fluids always came from tea or water.

    Pasta - when losing weight reduced portion size, made different choices for sauces to put on the pasta (often that's where a lot of the calories are lurking). I didn't really have a carb limit, just a calorie limit.

    Stop eating - before falling asleep. A full stomach doesn't stop me sleeping or cause indigestion - the genuine reasons for having an earlier cut off point.
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    I used to drink a lot of fizzy drinks, but after making a few changes I realised I would much rather eat my calories than drink them. Although if I really really want one, I'll drink a glass of water first and if I still want it then I have it. I found pasta wasn't necessarily an issue, I just weigh my portions now...it was the added cheese! I didn't really cut anything specifically out, I'm just more mindful of how much I'm eating.
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    With pasta I measure out a bit less than the serving size recommended on the package and bulk it out with homemade sauce crammed with veggies and protein (mince, meatballs, etc.) Personally I've never been a soda drinker but if I do have a soda it'll be diet.. I love fizzy water with fruits infused into it, really delicious and refreshing!

    As far as when to stop eating at night, it doesn't really matter. Some studies have shown good fat-loss results from fasting for around 12+ hours between dinner and breakfast the next morning (so final meal at 7pm, breakfast at 7am or later), and some people also swear by having "eating windows" where they'll eat all their calories between say 11am and 4pm and fast the rest of the time..
    Really though, it's a simple case of calories in and calories out, and what structure works for you.
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    Estefani_H wrote: »
    People who eat pasta and drank soda do you conpletely cut back? What all do you do? Thanks also what time is best to stop eating at night?

    I don't drink my calories ... stopped doing that back in about 1988.

    I still eat pasta ... why not?

    I prefer to stop eating before I fall asleep at the end of the day. It's just better that way. :grin:

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    Tea and bread.

    I love tea. Love it, love it, love it. I used to drink four or five cups of sweet, (soy-)milky tea every day. These days I've swapped that out for plain green tea during the week- I still let myself have a lovely mug of black tea the way I like it at the weekends. Like a lot of other people here, I far prefer to eat my calories than drink 'em!

    Bread is another one- I was an awful one for just munching on toast when I wanted a snack. But the calories there add up SO QUICKLY and it's not really all that filling. Again, I still have some toast but it's a treat, not the first thing I go to when I'm down in the kitchen looking to snack on something. Instead I'll chop up some carrots and peppers and fill up on those, save the bread for when its treat time :)

    As for meal timings.. I'd say just do what works for you? I'm still experimenting myself. I was having very small breakfasts (about 150cals) and lunches (about 300 cals) but I found that I had really low energy for the mornings when I did that. It was nice to be able to have a bigger dinner, but not worth it overall really. So this week I'm experimenting with having 300cal breakfasts and maybe 400cal lunches, see if it works better. It's really a matter of experimenting and seeing what works for you? But if it's late in the evening and I have a couple hundred calories left in my allowance, you bet I'm gonna have myself a treat with it.
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    I eat the same foods as I used to, just less of them. My portions are way smaller. I have lost 70.2 lbs and I didn't change what I eat. I'm a water drinker, so I don't/wouldn't waste my calories on those types of drink.
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    Like most of the other posters have stated: eat what you want, just less. However, for myself, as my journey got started almost 4 years ago, I tried that only eat a little tiny bit - and it sure seemed like a tiny bit - of pasta, rice, potatoes. 1 slice of toast instead of 4, blah blah blah. When weighing out my food, I found that I started looking at it different. I'd much rather have a big beautiful salad with chicken and veggies for the same amount of calories as a 1 oz portion of pasta. Filled me up much better. Soda, I gave up many years ago due to sensitivity to aspartame. (yep, one of those). I do have a La Croix mixed with my white wine for a treat when I can fit it in my calories. Would rather chew my calories most of the time. Also, I divide my calories fairly even between all meals and snacks. When you are old, slow, and short - 1200 calories don't go far! So, I choose and choose wisely (most of the time ;-) how best to fuel my body and get the most food for the least amount of calories.
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    I'd eat a loaf of wheat bread, a pound of bologna, a pound of cheese, and a box of crackers every week.

    It's quite amazing how fast I lost weight when I replaced the carb calories with vegetables, replaced the meat calories with natural cuts of meat, and greatly reduced the dairy and bread calories.

    I was already drinking black coffee, unsweetened tea, and water as my preferences.

    I stop eating at night when I finish getting my calories. Sometimes it's after midnight.
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    Estefani_H wrote: »
    What do people cut back on?

    What I eat between the time I get up in the morning and the time I arrive home after work hasn't changed much since joining MFP. About the only difference there is that I used to eat a large handful of cashews once in a while ... I don't do that anymore. They have a lot of calories, they don't make me full, and I have a suspicion that I'm somewhat intolerant to tree nuts anyway. I never felt well when I ate them.

    My after work snack has gone from a decent quantity of chocolate to cottage cheese with cucumbers and ryvita crackers. That gives me more energy for early-evening exercise.

    And my dinners are similar to what they used to be, but somewhat smaller.

    My evening snacks are quite similar, although I do use low-cal yogurt instead of the full-cal stuff. I prefer the low-cal yogurt.