Where'd your username come from?



  • talrcat
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    I LOVE your pole dancin' bunny!
  • sunrise611
    sunrise611 Posts: 1,825 Member
    Mine is the definition of my name (Dawn = Sunrise) and the month and year that I joined MFP.
  • sl1mmy
    sl1mmy Posts: 185
    I wanted it to be fatass or fatsy but I thought it was too negative so I changed it to slimmy but changed the letter for a number. My nickname is my target.
  • TakeOne
    TakeOne Posts: 345 Member
    I was trying to think of something that would be of personal significance. TakeOne fit the bill. I looked at it as a fresh start in a lot of ways :)
  • I couldn't think of anything more inventive that already wasn't taken. Im from the High Desert area in So Cal.
  • Tanadog
    Tanadog Posts: 18 Member
    One of our dogs is named Montana, and we always call her Tanadog. I like it cause it's easy to remember!
  • ilookthetype
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    mine is a twist throw away line form a show I love, (SPN is my favorite) anyway the two guys are brothers who hunt demons (don't judge me) but people always think they're dating and at one point they ask and are told, "you look the type" and I died and made it my name for this.
  • Rotties4Life
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    Rottweilers are the greatest dogs on the planet. I breed, train and love them, so it was easy for me to come up with my username. :happy:
  • Rotties4Life
    Rotties4Life Posts: 15 Member
    Love your pole dancing rabbit. I wonder if I can get my rotties to do that. :laugh:
  • _beachgirl_
    _beachgirl_ Posts: 3,868 Member
    I was born on this day and my parents chose my name, so I just went with it

    that's what I did for my first username on here....windy813, but I wanted to change it and still wasn't feeling very creative, so I just picked my favorite place Seaside Beach, Yarmouth, Cape Cod and added girl!
  • findingfit23
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    I started right after I turned 30
  • superhippiechik
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    Because it suits me perfect! NR I honestly can not remember how but it is my name for everything.
  • kaytedawg05
    kaytedawg05 Posts: 209
    my name is kayte & my brothers call me dawg!
  • onlyrobey1
    onlyrobey1 Posts: 140 Member
    My name is Robey (said like Robbie) And I am the 'only1.' :D
  • Italiana_xx79
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    I'm chinese............... no, wait, I'm Italian :wink: and I am a female that was born in 1979 :happy: and therefore, Italiana_xx79 :happy:
  • Italiana_xx79
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    OMG! I love your pole dancing bunny BakeBunny!
  • ME AND MY PET CAT!!!!!!


  • wlddove
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    Mine is a username that I made up in college. I thought I was being deep. Haha... Wld for Wild (because I wanted to rebel) and then Dove (because I still wanted to stay sweet and true to my faith). I don't even think about it anymore, but I keep using it for everything.
  • boomboom011
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    mine comes from my uncle cause he said i would always do the firecracker cheer as a little girl so he called me shelly boom boom and my cousins said "nuh uh its cause youre so fat when you walk down the hall you go BOOM BOOM".

    When i was a kid it would hurt my feelings so bad but now I cant imagine being called anything else. My uncle STILL calls me shelly boom boom and i wouldnt have it any other way! Today i gladly call myself BOOM BOOM too and guess who doesnt go boom boom down the hall anymore?
  • sinsaria
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    It's my gamertag.