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Tam's Story!! :)



  • TamTasticTamTastic Posts: 19,276Member Member Posts: 19,276Member Member
    Everyone, gather up!
    ! smiley-happy066.gifsmiley-happy096.gif

    smiley-happy110.gif OK, my voice's gone, no more cheering. But hey, Tami, you ROCK!
    Hahaha! Thank you so much!! I appreciate that effort!!!

    Wow, I feel like Elvis!!:laugh: :laugh:
  • StarrottsStarrotts Posts: 164Member Posts: 164Member
    :flowerforyou: way to go Tam
  • Losing_ItLosing_It Posts: 3,271Member Member Posts: 3,271Member Member
    :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: You are awesome, Tam!!!!!:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: I'm so proud of you!
  • Britterboo22Britterboo22 Posts: 301Member Member Posts: 301Member Member
  • vivianamiamivivianamiami Posts: 47Member Posts: 47Member
    :smile: :smile: :smile: Thank you for sharing your story.... It is success stories like yours that inspire me to continue on my journey as well.......

    Do you have any tips that you could share with us?

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    Have been faithfully recording in my food diary and exercising
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