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How much realistically can I lose by Xmas At 370lbs

I am 371lbs and I've made it my short term goal to get under 300 pounds by Xmas. I've heard the bigger you are the faster you lose weight at first. Obviously I know it slows down but is it possible to get under 300 by Xmas? That's 71 pounds and about 93 days. I've been basing my diet off of the insanity diet and work close with it. I am fairly active I.e I clean and chase after three kids all day lol. I'm trying to not eat too little been staying between 1200-2000 calories a day of mostly low calorie high protein foods


  • kellygarner412
    kellygarner412 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi Hannah, I am a Holistic Nutritionist that specializes in Nutritional Ketosis and I can tell you that this is the quickest way to lose weight. Have you looked into a Ketogenic lifestyle? You would not lose the 71 pounds that you want but it would give you quicker results then a high protein, low calorie diet. My clients on average lose 15 -20 pounds per month. Check out Eat Fat, Get Thin by Dr. Mark Hyman, MD at or there is another site that you can go look at Besides losing weight this way of eating has many health benefits. Good Luck!
  • Jcl81
    Jcl81 Posts: 154 Member
    edited September 2016
    The more you weigh the more weight is prone to come off. That being said, around 30-50 pounds sounds reasonable if the work (diet exercise) is done.
  • zyxst
    zyxst Posts: 9,145 Member
    I think you could drop 30-40 pounds. My advice is to go with a 1#/week deficit, do your workouts, log accurately, and if the weight comes off faster, fantastic. Please don't be disappointed/upset and quit if you don't reach your goal.
  • Intentional_Me
    Intentional_Me Posts: 336 Member
    edited September 2016
    That goal is far too aggressive. One of my biggest assets in my journey so far is letting go of the all or nothing approach. The way I see it is time is going by either way. Realistically did your last year fly by when you think about it? This year probably will too. But you can make reasonable sustainable changes and be down 104 pounds in a year. (Max recommended is 2 pounds per week)

    I'd go easy on exercise for now. I started at 290 and 5'3 in mid April and am currently 233 and just incorporating exercise. If you do start with exercise immediately do something low impact like swimming until you reach a lower weight.

    Good luck. You can do this. Think long term and sustainable.
  • cathipa
    cathipa Posts: 2,991 Member
    At your weight you could reasonably lose 2 pounds per week which would be healthy sustainable weight loss. That being said you may not make it to your mini goal but you will still be losing which is great and any loss should be celebrated. I think 1200 a day is not reasonable and you could probably eat more and still lose. 1200 is the lowest recommended without physician supervision, but most people can eat more and still lose. I only say this because I have seen too many people restrict too much and this sets them up for binging and failure. Also make sure you are logging everything and logging correctly. Weigh your food in grams or oz. Avoid homemade or generic entries. Drink plenty of water every day. Move more. Hope this helps!
  • snickerscharlie
    snickerscharlie Posts: 8,578 Member
    I am 371lbs and I've made it my short term goal to get under 300 pounds by Xmas. I've heard the bigger you are the faster you lose weight at first. Obviously I know it slows down but is it possible to get under 300 by Xmas?

    No. Not without doing incredible harm to yourself.

    You didn't put the weight on that quickly, so you can't expect it to come off that fast, either.
    Noel_57 wrote: »
    Wanting to be at X weight by X date is always a recipe for failure. Better to think you will simply weigh less by Christmas. That is the best gift you can give yourself, instead of an impossible and unrealistic goal.

    ^^ This. :)
  • vingogly
    vingogly Posts: 1,785 Member
    You weren't on a schedule when you put the weight on, don't put yourself on a schedule to take it off. Setting up a goal you might not reach is as Noel_57 says a recipe for failure.

    When I started losing weight my doctor told me to focus on dietary changes only, and not add in exercise until later. At 371 lbs it may be dangerous to start a lot of exercise until you've taken some of it off, so if it were me I'd check with your doctor before starting exercise.

    The most successful people I believe see this as a permanent change in lifestyle rather than a "diet". The reason is: when you are finished with a "diet" what then? That's where most people fail, I suspect -- and why many "dieters" end up worse off a few years later than when they started.
  • RunawayCurves
    RunawayCurves Posts: 688 Member
    edited September 2016
    I am 324lb as of 19th sept. I have rapid cycling bipolar disorder, a long history of being abused leaving me emotionally unstable anyway. I also have Polycystic ovary syndrome which increases likelihood of weight gain, an under active thyroid which increases likelihood of weight gain, I come from a family of very big people, I am on two powerful Psychiatric medications for my bipolar both of which have side effect of weight gain. To top it off I have had binge eating disorder for 30 years. I lost all the excess weight twice in past prior to thyroid issues and prior to being on powerful psych meds and put it back on. The last few years it has just been a nightmare trying to find anything that works and is realistically sustainable for life. Lots of methods work in short term but what works best for long term requires lots of individual trial and error. The basic theory of calories in V calories out is sound though.

    What I have realised is so often my undoing is nothing to do with my food plans. What derails me more than anything else is my obsession with bathroom scales. If I have lost lots then I get complacent and go off rails. If I have lost less than hoped then I get disheartened and go off rails. Therefore I have concluded that bathroom scales have no value in my life. For me a weekly, monthly or even two monthly weigh in is too much. I am morbidly obese. I am massive. I do not need scales to tell me that. It is not me that needs to go on scales it is what I eat. I am going to accurately weigh and portion out my food to a calorie deficit. I am aiming for 1200-1500 cal a day, 2000cal a day once a week when go out with my partner. As long as I track my food I will lose weight. I just need to keep doing that forever. One day I will look in the mirror and see a normal size person looking back. Along the way i will notice myself feeling better and my clothes needing smaller sizes. The only time I ever need to step on a scale again is if a doctor requests it or I think I look underweight and might need to confirm that in order to adjust my calorie aim.

    I am enjoying my freedom from the scales already. It leaves me free to appreciate feeling better about myself without the fear of what the scales say hanging over me dictating how I feel. Especially as a woman , a very large person , a very large woman fluid levels go all over the place and affect weight on scales meaning a few lb this way or that from week to week. Some months I will only lose a few lb even though I have been on track. If I see that on scale I know it messes with my mind. I am setting myself free. Bye bye bathroom scales, hello kitchen scales.

    I agree with others let go of number on scales goals. You will very likely lose a lot fast starting from the point you are but focusing on numbers on bathroom scale is counterproductive in my experience. Stay on track and you will feel fabulous at christmas. You are worth more than a number on scale. You will lose weight if stick to a healthy food plan that you can live with for life. You will feel good about yourself for being able to do that and you will physically reap the benefits every day.
  • AliceDark
    AliceDark Posts: 3,886 Member
    71 pounds is extreme, even at your current weight. However...unless you bring a scale with you to your Christmas celebration, you're the only one who will know the actual number. You have about 12 weeks, so you can probably lose 24-35(ish) pounds by then, which should be enough for people to notice a difference. (And you may have some significant water weight losses in the beginning, so the total number lost might be higher). Set MFP to lose 2 pounds per week and stick with it until Christmas.
  • TeaBea
    TeaBea Posts: 14,517 Member
    edited September 2016
    I don't think people are "being negative." Everyone here wants you to succeed. But there have been far too many people who crash and burn with unrealistic weight loss goals.

    Set the MFP app to lose 2 pound per week. Eat that many calories & 1/2 of your exercise calories. Eat foods you enjoy.....but measure & log your portions. It's not about eating (insert specific list)'s about eating less.

    Learning about foods you like is going to be more helpful in keeping the weight off, than learning about certain "recommended" diet foods.

    This is a great thread............
  • 2snakeswoman
    2snakeswoman Posts: 655 Member
    What magic thing would happen if you weighed less than 300 pounds? I think your loss is more likely to come out at 30-40 pounds if your weight loss efforts are persistent and consistent, but that would be good, right?