What is your height and goal weight?

Hey guys! I'm Cassie. I'm 5'9 and 151 lbs. I have been doing low carb and counting calories for 6 weeks and have lost 12 lbs. go me! lol. I'm starting to get people telling me I'm looking too skinny but I don't feel I've reached my goal yet. I want to get down to about 135-140. I know it's different for everyone depending on body type and other factors but I was wondering what everyone else's height and goal weight is?


  • Joanna2012B
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    Hi Cassie, I am 5'3", my goal weight is 130. However I am very physically active and I don't focus on the number. I have built a lot of muscle in the last year and my weight hasn't dropped a lot. I would really just like to reduce my body fat. I want to try to lose the last of my stubborn weigh which happens to sit right in my midsection :s ! I have dropped 6 pant sizes so I definitely notice a difference even though not a lot of weight is gone!!
  • Lounmoun
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    GW 125 lbs-145 lbs (middle to top of the healthy weight range )
    I'd say I have a medium frame size and felt at my best in the past around 125 lbs. I have weighed less than that and know that the lower end of the weight range was too thin for me. I feel that it would be harder to maintain there as well.
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    5'5 and I think 145lbs. But I'm going by the mirror and body fat, not some arbitrary scale weight because my goals are aesthetic.

    You're already a healthy BMI, why do you want to lose? Is it a scale weight thing or do you have fitness and aesthetic goals too?
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    Hello everyone! I'm 5'4/250 lbs (I started at 261 lbs!), and my goal weight is between 120 and 130 lbs. It all really depends on how I look when I get there. I've been going to the gym (on a semi-regular basis. I average 3-4 days a week for half an hour, but on my best I do 6 days a week). I'm not really focusing on nutrition at this point. I really just want to get to 199 before I put more focus on that. Right now I'm just eating within my calorie restriction (1350 for a sedentary job. I eat back most of my exercise calories) and adding new things here and there. I used to pull a face at the thought of broccoli, and now I kind of like the broccoli with mac & cheese. Most of my fat sadly is everywhere. Face, boobs, stomach, thighs, and butt. It alllllll has to go (and hopefully it will).
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    Maybe people are saying you look too skinny just because they are accustomed to seeing you bigger. Sometimes people just say stuff for the sake of talking, and it can be pretty meaningless. According to a standard BMI calculator, a healthy weight range for you is 125-169. You know your body best.
    I'm 5'3"; my goal is 125. This is a good weight for me. At that weight, I feel really good, and I like the way my clothes fit. The BMI calculator tells me that the lowest healthy weight for me is 104, but that's way too thin for me. That would be OK if I were 14 years old, but for me right now at age 39, 104 would make me look like a skeleton.
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    I'm 6 ft tall and my goal weight is 140-145. This comes out to BMI 19.0-19.7. At 5'9 and 135, you will be BMI 19.9, which is within the normal weight range. You would be underweight if you dipped below 125 lbs. I would be underweight if I dipped below 137 lbs.

    People begin to say that you're too thin/lost too much if there's a rapid change, especially within the normal weight range. An added note- a lot your first 12 lbs of weight loss was water weight. Your weight loss will slow (and become more difficult) the smaller you get. You may decide to reevaluate as you get closer to your goal.
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    I am 5'5 and my gw is about 135lbs give or take. If I achieve my look then I am happy with even 140lbs.
  • daniip_la
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    I'm 6'0", my goal weight is a strong, muscled 168. But I pulled that number out of thin air a few years ago when I started this journey, so I'm sure I'll end up tweaking it as I get close to goal.
  • I'm 5'5, currently 240, my goal weight is 120-130. Lowest I ever was was 140, still had big boobs, butt, and thighs so we'll see how it works out
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    I'm 5'4 and 210lbs, my goal is 130.
  • shandy4487
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    I am 5'10, currently 180 and my goal is 165-170. I've been down around 140 in the past, and got a lot of "you're too skinny" comments, but I think I actually looked pretty good. I only picked a higher goal temporarily, so if I got down to 140 I would be ecstatic lol! I think it might have to do with being so tall? Us tall ladies tend to "look skinny" sooner than our petite counterparts. No offense to any short women lol :smile:
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    I'm 5'5" at 207. My starting weight was 250. My goal is 125. Mini goal for now is 199 to get out of the damn 200s
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    5'6" and I'm aiming for 150, which is the high end of my recommended BMI.
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    I'm 5'5 and my gw is 125. That's the weight I've been most of my life (before gaining to this size -200). 125 is where I felt the best. At one point I was 115, but that put me at a size 0, and that's not exactly what I'm striving for.
  • juliebowman4
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    I'm 5ft 5
    My goal is somewhere between 125-135.
    The number on the scale isn't as important (to me) as how my clothes fit, the ease of tying my shoes, having a fairly active life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
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    5'8--started at 170-173, currently 163. Goal 153. That is my goal because that is what I easily weighed in my pre kid days. It's all mental but that is my goal!
  • Rinde99
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    I'm 5'6" and weighed between 115 and 125 until 2012 when I gained all my weight. I'm down to 150 now from 177 with a goal of 135. Think that will be a good weight for me now at 60.
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    5' 3" and 120 lb
  • I'm 5'7" and my goal weight is 150. I was as small as the low 120s when I was a teen and in my 20s, but after I had my son at 32, I was down to 130 and I looked skeletal. I think your ideal weight goes up slightly as you age. I'll be 48 on Friday. I started this diet at 185 and am down to 170 now. Just for comparison, the pic at left was taken last summer, and I was around 160 then. But, if I were 160 in my 20s, I would have looked too heavy.