Find a Friend Friday



  • Starman02
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    Find a friend friday!? wooo lol
    Berta Canada- the great white north eh
  • angievaughn
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    It's Friday again!! I have been on MFP since 2010....I think!! LOL!! Would love some new active friends!!
  • mdonsbach
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    So far I've posted on about 5 different "add me" threads and have like 6 friends. I'm paranoid about adding people myself as I get all self conscious that I'm a stalker or something. Besides that way the wife can't complain why I'm adding females as friends. Not that she ever would but still I have a defense that they asked me. Lame I know.

    Anywoo out here in Amish Country PA. Moved here for the wife so the social transition isn't exactly easy for a late 30's guy especially when we have no kids.

    Started MFP back in April I think. Down 32 pounds. 18 to go. All from walking and watching my in take. At some point I might look at the weights but as Brian Regan did in a comedy skit "Am I using this thing properly? I don't know what I'm doing"

    All that to say feel free to add me!

    I'm really not that long winded of a human I just got on a roll.
  • Hiya, I'm Belinda from Brighton UK and I've been on and off MFP for years. Would love lots of friends, please add me :D Xxx
  • LetaraNE
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    edited September 2016
    Hey there :) I'm Gabbi from New Hampshire, US and I would love to make some new friends on here! I've been on MFP for a while, but I am very new to the forums and I really like the welcoming and supportive community that I've found here. I can't wait to be a part of it!
    Feel free to add me!
  • corazombie
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    I'm from the LA area and new to MFP. Decided to finally get serious about losing weight a month ago after a rough breakup. Still struggling to get through it and sometimes I just feel like giving up. So far I've managed to stay on track but could use the good vibes on my feed.
  • 2MuchTyme
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    Ken from Illinois USA...looking for fun folks
  • walkermichaelg
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    Hi! I'm relatively new but on here daily. Feel free to add me for support and motivation!
  • WaCowboy
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    Hello from Sunny Seattle. I am back on the site again and need some new friends for motivation. Have a great weekend everyone..
  • HappyNSmilinKaz
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    Kazzy from Manchester, UK. Hiya :# xx
  • indiacaitlin
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    Hey, I'm from England and I'm always up for new friends! :smile:
  • pez37
    pez37 Posts: 44 Member
    David from Lakeland, Fl always looking for friend .. Feel free add.. Good luck everyone..
  • mrm1612
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    New to this! Greetings from Puerto Rico!
  • mattro7703
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    Add me if you like mate. From Brisbane Australia
  • mylanaqua
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    Fit, healthy & still in the working progress after having my 4th baby - in the state of Texas, U.S. Welcome new friends!
  • jlc102980
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    Aw, Jim, are you tying to replace me?
  • Jim_i25
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    jlc102980 wrote: »
    Aw, Jim, are you tying to replace me?

    Nope. Helping to add to families!!!!
  • Freya1028
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    Hey, Im new to the site. Feel free to add me. Im Ashley BTW, living in Washington DC.