*!* OCTOBER 2016 Walking Challenge *!*

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*!* OCTOBER 2016 Walking Challenge *!*
:D BOO! >:)
This is continued from previous Monthly Walking Challenges, we are walking into the 10th month of the year *YAY Keep going!*. Each month has its own thread.
**** Anyone can join in at any time. The more the merrier, let’s keep each other motivated ****

Walking seems like the easiest way to start getting exercise, and even if you cannot track distance (or do not want to), tracking time is good too...go for a 10 min walk after dinner, or up it to 30 minutes, you will be amazed at the end of the month how much more exercise you are getting in. :)

Come back here and just post how far you walked, even if it was to the mailbox on a given day. The important thing is that you are moving and getting out (or if you walked in place in your basement to a video). Sometimes we need a little encouragement in order to do things in life.

Check in everyday with how far you walked or how long. This is just to motivate us to get in at least some exercise every day, and keep an eye on each other. Remember, you can track by steps, distance (miles or kilometers), time, etc.

*no bullying
*no pressure
*just walking, dancing, stepping, hiking, trick or treating, anything to get you moving.
*just lace up the shoes and take a walk!
*anyone can join in at any time.

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Can I join? How do I join the challenge?

Really simple, just come back here and post/tell us about your walk experience in any form you wish! *anyone can join in at any time*



  • AlphaHowls
    AlphaHowls Posts: 1,550 Member
    Not sure of my goal this month, but I have a race on the 15th. I also start working full time this week.
  • dykask
    dykask Posts: 800 Member
    I'm shooting for 300k in Oct. I have to get my leg back in good working order.
  • cpanus
    cpanus Posts: 17,298 Member
    I'm in for 350,000 steps for October.

    10/01 -

  • KareninLux
    KareninLux Posts: 1,413 Member
    I'm in! Love walking. Moved houses and thought my walking commute would change drastically - was really worried about it. But, nope, have found a variation on my old route which will work just fine.
  • michelle_more2live4
    michelle_more2live4 Posts: 188 Member
    Going to try for 375,000 this month
  • bdgfn
    bdgfn Posts: 7,719 Member
    I'm in again! 300k and 140 miles.
  • sherrirollins4
    sherrirollins4 Posts: 122 Member
    I'm in!! Gonna rock October!!
  • mandalunia
    mandalunia Posts: 128 Member
    I'm in! I'm going for 325,000 steps 130 miles this month.
  • AlphaHowls
    AlphaHowls Posts: 1,550 Member
    SEPTEMBER Numbers
    Exercise Steps 436,388
    Total Steps 561,947
    Total Miles 272.46
    RUN Miles 142.41

    Injury took my numbers down a little bit, but that is life.

    10/1/16 Run 15,219 steps 9.09 miles 1:33:09 803 cals
    Walk - Driveway 1,099 steps 11:57 63 cals
  • argos14
    argos14 Posts: 163 Member
    My goal is 341,000 steps for October!
  • AlphaHowls
    AlphaHowls Posts: 1,550 Member
    So Groovy to see everyone! Hope all you steps are absolutely awesome!
  • wlk4fun647
    wlk4fun647 Posts: 7 Member
    Hi! I'm new to this site, and look forward to taking the challenge with you all. I do outdoor water aerobics for exercise now, and as soon as the temps get below 70, I'm going to amp up my routine with walking. The sun is a killer here in Las Vegas and I try to limit my time in it.
  • sherrirollins4
    sherrirollins4 Posts: 122 Member
    10/1 8,458 steps.
  • HakeemTheDream89
    HakeemTheDream89 Posts: 167 Member
    Goals for October:
    Continue Walking two miles a day for an hour at least
    10 miles a week
    At least 50 miles at end of the month

    10/1 stats: 1 hour walk and two miles ... Question: How do I track my steps or is everyone using a app?
  • dede0215
    dede0215 Posts: 3 Member
    edited October 2016
    I am in, I try to do 10,000 or more steps a day. I use the Fitbit. So for Oct 1, I have 10,237 steps
  • KareninLux
    KareninLux Posts: 1,413 Member
    I'm in. Normally log minutes. Will tryvto track kms, to.
    1 0ct - 70 minutes. 6 kms.
  • bdgfn
    bdgfn Posts: 7,719 Member
    Goal: 300,000 steps / 140 miles

    10/1: 2,762 / 1.3 mi

    Total: 2,762 / 1.3 mi
    Remaining: 297,238 / 138.7 mi
  • mamatigerj
    mamatigerj Posts: 106 Member
    ~Walk every day.
    ~Walk at least 50 miles by end of the month.

    2 Oct: 3.6 miles; 1:14:15 (time); 8545 steps
    1 Oct: 1.2 miles; 24:15 minutes; 2819 steps