Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • WaCowboy
    WaCowboy Posts: 42 Member
    Feel free to add me,,,
  • tryingtofinalize
    tryingtofinalize Posts: 5 Member
    Add me please. I keep starting & stopping. Need to get more involved here so it's easier to stick to it. Thanks!!
  • tryingtofinalize
    tryingtofinalize Posts: 5 Member
    Is this a dead board?? just noticed last post says June 2015! So confused.
  • Chele_Belle_
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    edited October 2016
    Looking for motivational friends who are on here pretty much daily.

    Feel free to add me so we can help keep each other pumped!
  • Charm110
    Charm110 Posts: 73 Member
    Feel free to add me! From Cambridgeshire UK
  • OcalaFL
    OcalaFL Posts: 173 Member
    <3 I am on daily, have an open diary and I'm always up for more active friends for mutual help and support! ;)
  • 2bfitChris
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    Add me
  • annie_858
    annie_858 Posts: 80 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • gwhizeh
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    Commenting here. Been here a while, along with all the ups and downs. On daily. Go for it!
  • dalitamonsta
    dalitamonsta Posts: 1 Member
    Hey I'm chase(: I'm a ftm (female to male) transgender. I've been on hormones for half a year now. I've gone from 262-239. I'm 5'2. Looking for friends too mutual motivate. Send me a request!
    GPSHEALTHCOACHING Posts: 497 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me. I am a certified Personal Trainer and studying to get my Health Coach Certification. I try to post words of wisdom from my studies as often as time allows. ;)

    I am still around 50 pounds overweight and I certainly know how hard this journey is!!! I also have 4 kids so I know what it's like to balance family and workout time and time in the kitchen!
  • TnS2015
    TnS2015 Posts: 9 Member
    Add me! Need motivation to workout more! :smiley:
  • alyangel123
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    Would love more friends :)
  • mladysweet
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    I love friends too. Anyone can add me. <3
  • RaquelCarr
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  • wi_maint_man
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    I'm open to new freinds !
  • PeteLincoln29
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    Hi guys. Feel free to add me if looking for more friends, especially if UK based :-)
  • jessmcanulty
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    I need new friends..... If anyone wants to add me that would be great
  • spngnetwork
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    I wouldn't mind some extra motivation and encouragement!
  • AnnikaSzameitat
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    Hey guys! I'm new to MyFitnessPal. Trying to figure things out... I'm a former WeightWatchers Gold member. recently fallen from grace. I lost 120lbs with WW, regained 50 after moving abroad and slacking in the past 8 months. I have to get a grip again, hence why I am here.... Anyone want to be friends?