What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • fposte2016
    fposte2016 Posts: 130 Member
    fposte2016 wrote: »
    I ran my entire 5k run and did so at an average 12min/mile pace, which I previously couldn't do. I'm wearing my grandma's ring on my middle finger again and fitting into clothes from more than a decade ago. It feels like someone else's life, but I'm so glad.

    I love that line "it feels like someone else's life". That's exactly how I feel!

    Also, I wore my deceased grandmother's wedding ring for the first 10 years of marriage. Then I had to put it away for the next 25 years. I just started wearing it again this summer. My Nan came from a generation where women did NOT let themselves get overweight. I'm sure she was glaring down at me for all those years that her ring didn't fit lol

    Too funny! Congrats on your loss!
  • Hungry_Shopgirl
    Hungry_Shopgirl Posts: 329 Member
    tomteboda wrote: »
    @jessiferrrb my jeans are a little looser than what you showed. I've been wearing them for 20 lbs (6 months). My mom's comment when I pointed this out was that they might fit right if I lost 20 more pounds. Ahhhhh...mom!

    ugh, moms! i try not to talk to mine about the process but sometimes i break down because she asks about a million times "have you lost any more weight?" or she'll say something like "i didn't know if you were still trying because i saw you eat a cookie the other day" she has always defined her worth and mine by appearances and would tell me since grade school that nobody would love me if i didn't lose weight. it's hard to separate her issues from mine sometimes.

    Oh that sounds exactly like something my mom would say!! LOL
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