Where did the fat come off first for you?



  • trigden1991
    trigden1991 Posts: 4,658 Member
    kcraigpro wrote: »
    The first two places I noticed it were my waist and my left wrist, and for the same reason: My belt and my watch band had to be taken in a notch. Then I noticed my sport jackets were no longer snug. That's after a weight loss of nine pounds over four weeks. I'm working with a personal trainer and have incorporated vigorous resistance training along with a completely revamped diet. I've visibly added mass to my arms and shoulders. So I suspect I am losing mostly fat, and fairly evenly all over my body. I feel great. I wish I had done this earlier.

    Well done on the loss but it is highly unlikely you added significant muscle in 4 weeks especially with a caloric deficit.
  • CrescentVolf
    CrescentVolf Posts: 87 Member
    edited October 2016
    Nikion901 wrote: »
    My face around my eyes ... my eyes always appear much bigger once some of the puffiness goes away, then the rest of my face and neck .. it goes down the body from there at the same time as it goes up from my toes through my legs to my knees. It's that area between my neck and knees that has a hard time shedding!

    Just noticed this today with my first progress selfie, I have my "doe eyes" back! However other than face, I have lose around my hips first, and my hands (ring needs resized soon).

    Also have noticed my back rolls are far less pronounced now, and I dropped a band size in bra...but went up a cup size??
  • thepawn1
    thepawn1 Posts: 39 Member
    My face.... my neck lost a lot of weight early on.
  • JenniferNoll
    JenniferNoll Posts: 367 Member
    I have a hump on the back of my neck from being on steroids for a health condition. This time around, the hump is noticeably smaller.
  • Catherine360
    Catherine360 Posts: 11 Member
    My face and waist, weight in my legs is always last to go but is also the place I need to loose it the most
  • SiegfriedXXL
    SiegfriedXXL Posts: 219 Member
    Fingers and wrists first, then face. Now it's starting to even out to everything though very slowly. 100 pounds down and I've only gone down 2 sizes? Damn these big/tall size gaps.
  • TristaOnTrack
    TristaOnTrack Posts: 64 Member
    My co-workers have commented that they notice my weight loss in the face, neck, shoulder area. Now if it was just my belly, but I'll get there!
  • Melemur
    Melemur Posts: 95 Member
    Every one notices my face and I can feel it in my clothes
  • Heather4448
    Heather4448 Posts: 908 Member
    Face, then hips/legs, then boobs :(
  • pariskathryn
    pariskathryn Posts: 173 Member
    Waist, then face, then hands and feet.

    Thighs/hips/arms are always the last to go. I have a "thin arm" shirt that I can only wear when I get down to around 150 lbs.

    I started with these measurements: 39-36-46 and have gotten down to around 38-28-44
  • cmazurek85
    cmazurek85 Posts: 99 Member
    Belly? Face? Hips? Chest? Arms? Please share!

    My face and legs. I wish it could come off of my midsection :-(

  • Shoebacha1
    Shoebacha1 Posts: 2,113 Member
    fingers, face, arms. Still waiting for the waist and thighs. Rings are falling off, my arms are slim and muscular, but still flabby. I know I am losing because clothes are looser, but I dont notice the change. Even in my progress pics, there is a noticeable change in my arms, face and neck, but the rest of my body you have to study (which is not a pretty sight right now) to see any improvement.
  • beerfoamy
    beerfoamy Posts: 1,521 Member
    face, toes, calves. some tone showing more on arms from weights

    but yeah, mainly toes and face atm

    I know it can't be done by area but if I could convince my body that 'yeah, you see all this fat around my belly which is riskier for diabetes - how about we get rid of that first?'
    rather than my body clearly stating 'nope, skinny toes! that's what you need!'
  • Shoebacha1
    Shoebacha1 Posts: 2,113 Member
    Ha ha. I dont think I have lost any weight in my toes. That is funny.
  • Shoebacha1
    Shoebacha1 Posts: 2,113 Member
    I have fat toes
  • Chef_Barbell
    Chef_Barbell Posts: 6,646 Member
    Stomach/Abs first for me. Butt last place.
  • Shoebacha1
    Shoebacha1 Posts: 2,113 Member
  • NannersBalletLegs
    NannersBalletLegs Posts: 207 Member
    I tend to lose first where I put it on last. I've been measuring at least two times a week now for a month and have lost 8 or 9 pounds. (Hard to tell right now, b/c water issues.) I first started shrinking in my waist and have lost the most inches from my muffin top, though it's still quite prominent. Back and boobs are shrinking the most now. Butt, thighs, and calves still won't budge. Arms won't budge. The pattern makes sense except for the arms, because I'm pear-shaped. My lower half has always been stubborn. I used to complain about that until my top half started to catch up with my bottom half. It was really distressing to see weight gain change my body shape the way it did. Looking forward to be solidly back into the flat-chested, big-butted, pear-shaped body that I once resented so much.
  • brookielaw
    brookielaw Posts: 814 Member
    Face first, then chest, then arms, then calves (or rather, cankles). My middle/gut is slowest to go, but then again, it was my largest area for so long. I thought I was apple-shaped...Nope, I was a pear! You just couldn't see under all those layers. My thighs seem to be the very last to go. They're still quite huge. I feel like I resemble a deflated Baymax. (Big Hero 6). Better deflated than fully inflated I guess.
  • GemstoneofHeart
    GemstoneofHeart Posts: 865 Member
    Upper legs and butt because I started running! And belly too but I think a lot of that was water weight going bye bye!
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