How to schedule weight training, cardio and yoga in a weekly workout?



  • ChelseaHeights
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    I lift on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Cardio (usually HiiT) on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. I also do a hot power yoga class on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I workout first and then go to the yoga studio. Stretchy yoga on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Sounds like a lot and the power yoga is pretty challenging, but I've been enjoying all of it. I LOVE the yoga. I'm sure it's not a huge calorie burn even if it's hard. I want to enjoy my workouts, if I don't then I'm not going to keep doing them.
  • sweetilemon
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    I do circuits on a Tuesday/Friday, these include strength training. If not I do weights in the gym. I try to swim 4-5 days for an hour weekdays (after acticities). Yoga for 1hr on a Wednesday. When I want I will do cardiovascular in the gym, some weeks more than others. Weekends I walk.

    Yoga isnt a great calorie burn but makes me feel a lot better, improving flexibility, improving posture and calming and relaxing my mind.
  • cwolfman13
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    How do you schedule weight training, cardio and yoga in a weekly workout?

    Monday - Cycle AM
    Tuesday - (recovery day)Yoga PM
    Wednesday - Cycle AM
    Thursday - Cycle AM/Lift PM
    Friday - Cycle AM
    Saturday - Cycle to gym and lift/Cycle home
    Sunday - Whatever I feel like...sometimes ride...sometimes hike...sometimes just some yoga...sometimes my wife makes me mow the lawn.
  • wanzik
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    I'm going to spend an hour in the weight room tonight and then head right over to the yoga class for an hour. Followed by a couple sessions in the steam room. :smiley:
  • BuffMom84
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    I don't have set days but I'll do something like:

    Sunday: Rest
    Monday: Cardio/abs
    Tuesday: Legs
    Wednesday: Chest, back & shoulders
    Thursday: Cardio/abs
    Friday: Bi's & Tri's
    Saturday: Yoga

    Now that I'm trying to lose weight again, I might lift one day per week and do cardio 3x per week. But I'm not sure if that's a good idea.
  • scr183
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    I'd say that balancing your lifting and yoga can depend greatly on the type of yoga you're doing. I take a class 3x/week that can be pretty intensive - arm balance work, lots of inversions, and so on - and I struggle a bit if lift the day before these classes or vice versa. I lift twice a week (currently Stronglifts), usually Saturday/Wednesday and these more rigorous yoga classes are M/Th/F mornings. I just accept that I may have to modify some on Thursdays if I'm too fatigued to go all out. If I can sneak in an extra restorative class, I'll jump on that opportunity whenever I can. Cardio is easier for me - it's something I work in after lifting or in shorter bursts other days. But, it's also not a top priority for me, whereas lifting and my yoga practice are - they compliment one another beautifully. I suppose all that is to say you may have to decide what your priorities are and adjust accordingly. It's hard when you want to do it all, I know. :)
  • sardelsa
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    I typically lift Mon, Wed, Fri and sometimes Sun. Yoga on Thurs. Right now no cardio but I would fit it on Tuesday's if I had to. My yoga class can be a bit intense as it involves a lot of muscle and balance work so I have to be mindful of that.. But I will modify if something feels uncomfortable since my lifting is priority right now