Does weight loss make you happy?

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Is it weight loss that makes us happy?

Has someone met their weight loss goals, and would you say the feeling right now is happy?

I'm sure as we go though our weight loss journey, we find along the way, other things that truly affect if we are happy or not. What have you noticed along the way of your weight loss journey that you had to change/ work on in order to continue to be happy and/or continue your weight loss journey?

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  • zyxst
    zyxst Posts: 9,134 Member
    For me, no. I'm mentally the same person at 132# as I was at 320#.
  • omloml
    omloml Posts: 1 Member
    hzl22 wrote: »
    No but it helps to your overall well being to be healthy and comfortable in your skin

    I often referred to my self as comfortable in my skin...I used exactly those words... I'm pleased to be on the journey now, but I hate feeling hungry and need to master how to not
  • vesnaavramoska
    vesnaavramoska Posts: 9 Member
    I wasn't unhappy before starting on this journey but I do have a lot more energy. This makes me do more physical things with my daughter and that makes me happier than before.
  • joans1976
    joans1976 Posts: 2,201 Member
    I'm with @zyxst, same person as before. However, getting in to better physical condition takes some stress out of my everyday thinking knowing that I'm getting a stronger body, organs and bones.
  • Popsicle_Feet
    Popsicle_Feet Posts: 47 Member
    I don't think it's weight loss in general that makes me happy, but I do believe it's the little achievements that bring me closer to a bigger goal that make me proud. That makes me happy.
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