70 lbs down! 223 to 153! :)



  • tawalker791
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    Been pretty bad this week with my eating when I had a 4 day weekend...back on the meal plans and gym plan tomorrow! Most important thing isn't whether you fall off or take a break for a bit...it's making sure you get back on it and don't make it a habit! :)
  • DetroitDarin
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    Holy sht. I mean. really. HOLY sht. Stunning. So proud of you.
  • joburnolt
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    Congratulations. You look great!
  • workinonit1956
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    Well done! You look great!!
  • tawalker791
    tawalker791 Posts: 101 Member
    Thank you!
  • tawalker791
    tawalker791 Posts: 101 Member
    Been feeling unmotivated with the holidays coming up, but I'm trying to power through these last 3 weeks of my training plan before I relax a bit for the holidays! Agh!
  • fancinancy64
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    Good for you . You look great !!!
  • onedivinediva76
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    Simply amazing!
  • kls0331
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    Such an inspiration! I am at the same point as you were when you started. You mention setting your calories and macros. Did you just use what was suggested?
  • tawalker791
    tawalker791 Posts: 101 Member
    Hope everyone enjoys their thanksgiving! Let yourself enjoy the feast and then get back to it!!
  • emilyrosefranc
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    You look fantastic! Well done! My start weight is 229lbs so this is just so inspiring <3
  • meaghancoltman
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    So skinny girl!! Where do you start for exercise. I'm at your sw amd am not too active except for chasing my toddler around household duties etc. Adding you as a friend so I can see your food log hope thats okay
  • lynder64
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    Inspiring! Congratulations!
  • tawalker791
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    Thank you!
  • CaliMomTeach
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    Amazing! Great job!
  • Mellybean1183
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    Amazing transformation! I'm just starting in my journey and reading stories like yours really helps!
  • You look fabulous!! Congrats
  • tawalker791
    tawalker791 Posts: 101 Member
    I have had several people friend me on here to watch my food log, so I apologize the last week I haven't been logging, but thanksgiving week is always just a big carb fest as most know lol. Friday is when I'll be back on it hardcore until Christmas!
  • Scorpio8402
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    Amazing!! Very inspiring. You're beautiful!!