What do you think is the main culprit of you gaining weight?



  • lorrpb
    lorrpb Posts: 11,464 Member
    Thinking that i deserved to eat whatever I wanted to and that a few pounds a year wasn't a big deal.
  • xaryo
    xaryo Posts: 104 Member
    Too much food, even though i eat réatiively healthily.

    I like to eat good stuff and i can't stand leftover and spillage, ao i will "scrifice " myself to finish other's plate.
  • tinamarie6624
    tinamarie6624 Posts: 182 Member
    The main culprit in my weight gain was excuses. I always had an excuse why I couldn't do something and why I ate so much. I always had a ready excuse as to why I couldn't get exercise. I see now that none of those excuses apply any more and certainly didn't apply then. My philosophy now is just do it!
  • ChaleGirl
    ChaleGirl Posts: 270 Member
    Mine was definitely overeating, eating the wrong foods and not moving enough! That simple!
  • jvcjim
    jvcjim Posts: 812 Member
    Me, sedentary job, boredom and i am a great cook who enjoys my food, wine, beer, distilled liquor, chocolate cake.... and did i mention me?
  • KyleGrace8
    KyleGrace8 Posts: 2,205 Member
    Emotional eater and lazy as f***. I thought exercise was evil and food was my god. I thought it was "genetics". idk man, all the reasons.
  • rachelr1116
    rachelr1116 Posts: 334 Member
    Desk job and a tendency to eat all of the cake, cookies, candy, etc. instead of just a serving.
  • TR0berts
    TR0berts Posts: 7,739 Member
    Going from very active - such that I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted, in whatever quantity I wanted, whenever I wanted - to muuuuuuuch less active. But not proportionately changing my eating habits. As such, I ended up eating too damned much.
  • princessalmz
    princessalmz Posts: 8 Member
    Going out to eat all the time, eating too much sugar and junk food, fast food. Basically no self control.
  • MegzC321
    MegzC321 Posts: 152 Member
    Getting a car and eating more fast food in college.
  • vnb_208
    vnb_208 Posts: 1,359 Member
    My love for cakes, cookies, chocolate, and no exercise glad i turned that around!
  • LynnBBQ72
    LynnBBQ72 Posts: 151 Member
    Denial, excuses, and plain ignorance about the sheer number of calories I was stuffing into my face all day long. I went from a normal weight working in retail (on my feet all day) to a desk job and gained 20 to 30 lbs the first year. Then spent 10 years losing and gaining 20 lbs of that weight. Then I stress-ate after a string of bad situations and gained another 30 lbs. Still in denial and making excuses. Then over the next 10 years I lost and gained and gained and gained up to my all time high of 245 lbs. I still was in denial for another couple of years even though I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This year I finally woke up and got control of myself. I can't believe I let it go on so long.
  • MimiGroveOwen
    MimiGroveOwen Posts: 9 Member
    Snacking in the evening....I'm fairly reasonable staying in my range, but I do eat night time sugar free ice cream and don't lose when I do.
  • mccormf1
    mccormf1 Posts: 153 Member
    Good food tastes like *kitten*, Sh!tty food tastes great
  • Treece68
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    Eating to much and not being active ... Celiac also played a part
  • 3bambi3
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    This election cycle.
  • cwolfman13
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    edited November 2016
    I went from being very active to sedentary basically overnight when I was 30 and graduated college and took a desk job. I never concerned myself with eating because I was always very active and never had a weight problem until my 30s.

    I was a track and field sprinter from about 2nd grade through my senior year in highschool and also played football, swim team, gymnastics for a few years, and a short stint with wrestling. When I graduated I went into the Marine Corps and PT'd my *kitten* off most days...in college I didn't have a car so I biked and walked everywhere...me and my buddies were also really into hiking, playing ultimate frisbee, and I was in and out of the weight room depending on my mood...

    I went from that to commuting in a car and spending 10-12 hours or more on my *kitten* at a desk, but food stayed the same.
  • malibu927
    malibu927 Posts: 17,565 Member
    Parents who didn't teach me about proper nutrition and portion sizes, then adulthood where I still didn't care about those things and was super lazy.
  • tenwolves13
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    Sugar addiction, MSG addiction. The invisible addictions. Partner isn't into the sexy look so I let myself fo too
  • Grathiael
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    Lounmoun wrote: »
    Lifestyle change to sedentary and ignorance of how many calories I was eating and how many I should be eating.

    A BIG yes. That is why I am now trying hard to be mindful to take control.