Wanna be weight loss buddies??



  • LynseyZombie
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    You can private message, add people as friends and anything they share you can read I'm pretty sure. That's how I see people's success and slip ups. It's great, I'll add you up. I'm abit new to this as well so I only know so much.
  • sumayabashir1
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    I've been on here since 2012 and I haven't been using the app religiously. I actually only found out now about the "community". I started back then so I could maintain my weight of 68.9kg. I hopped back on once in a while but I was really shocked last week when I saw "85kg" on the scales. I need serious motivation.
  • nursekirsty
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    Hi I am starting Monday so add me x
  • omfgsimone
    omfgsimone Posts: 1 Member
    Feel free to add me as well! I'd like to do it with friends! x
  • hanzyfizzle
    hanzyfizzle Posts: 6 Member
    I dunno how to add people on here :neutral: I've lost 23kg in 4 months but have hit a plateau and lost nothing for a few months. Sigh! Would love some support buddies!
  • LynseyZombie
    LynseyZombie Posts: 69 Member
    Sent you all invites there. The more friends the merrior, more motivation
  • suzdhliwayo
    suzdhliwayo Posts: 2 Member
    Hi guys, I'm Suz have just started my weight loss journey today. Would love to join with you all for some motivation and encouragement.
  • Hey, I just joined today. I am trying to lose weight too.
  • LynseyZombie
    LynseyZombie Posts: 69 Member
  • Showthyme
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    I am a fan of intermittent fasting. Please send me a friend invite.
  • LynseyZombie
    LynseyZombie Posts: 69 Member
    Done my first week and I'm very happy
  • LynseyZombie
    LynseyZombie Posts: 69 Member
    Bumping post
  • Add me!
  • yorpest
    yorpest Posts: 2 Member
    Ok. I have 130 lbs to lose. I lost most of it last year, but was severely injured...Annnnnnd gained most of it back. I am a gym nut, health nut and just nuts most of the time. I do walk a lot as I can't run. I average 6 to 12 miles per day. I have lost 27 lbs in 32 days. I don't believe the myth about losing weight quickly will not last. That myth is only true if you diet then go back to old bad habits. This has to be changes for life not 30 days.
  • LynseyZombie
    LynseyZombie Posts: 69 Member
    Great job on your weight loss yorpest! I'm definately no gym nut. Havnt don't any exercise properly just yet but I will. I'll likely just do some climbing of stairs, and it's free too as I couldn't afford the gym
  • Elle27322
    Elle27322 Posts: 12 Member
    Well done on weight loss so far
    I lost 4 and a half stone but have put 2 back on so I'm Starting again. Would be great to support each other. Add me
  • LynseyZombie
    LynseyZombie Posts: 69 Member
    Wow 4 stone! Well done. I had lost 2st in the past but got pregnant and put it all back on. So now Ive decided to get it all back off plus another 3st at least
  • MegzC321
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    Hey everyone! I have been on MFP for a lil over year and lost 20 pounds. However, need people to kick my *kitten* in gear drop this last 30 Feel free add me could always use motivated friends list!.
  • Just started today. I need lots of fitness buddies. Add me!
  • Preetib24
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    Yes! Feel free to add me too. I just started two weeks back.