I can't reach my calorie count of 1200



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    I'm 5'4" and my goal weight is 130....5 lbs under what my doctor said and you have 4 inches on me!
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    You must have eaten more than 1200 calories to gain the weight you're trying to lose so why would it be hard now?
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    You definitely should try to get at least 1200 calories.
    You could drink a glass of milk if you are not hungry.
    Include some of the foods you used to eat more often.

    My calorie goal is 1200 without exercise. I never have trouble eating that much.
    Typical breakfast foods- full fat Greek yogurt, granola bars, cereal with whole milk, sandwich, dinner leftovers, fruit, 4% cottage cheese (about 200-300 calories)
    Typical lunch foods- sandwich, salad, or dinner leftovers (about 300-500 calories)
    Typical dinner foods- something different every night of the month. (about 500-600 calories) I have soup once a week usually.
    Typical snack foods- things like fruit, chips, popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, cookies, granola bar, carrots, celery, broccoli, trail mix, deviled eggs, pickles, cottage cheese (about 100-300 calories)
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    cosmonew wrote: »
    Like others have said, "If you are overweight, you must have had no problem eating over 1200 calories at one time."

    I don't think OP was overweight at 5'8" and 146 lbs.
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    How long did it take you to get from 146-140?
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    When I finding myself "needing" to consume some more calories, a serving of almonds, or whatever your preferred type of nut may be, does the trick. At 170ish calories per serving, it adds up quick. If you don't like nuts, then an avocado, guacamole maybe? A protein shake, a can of tuna, a protein bar, these are all things I use for fillers.
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    You are already a healthy weight.

    If you want to improve your "chubby" look, I'd suggest first eating a lot more protein. Your intake is quite low. On your drastically low calorie intake, you're going to lose muscle. This will have long-term affects on your muscle mass. Also? Up your calories.

    Additionally, retaining muscle while adding strength training to your routine might stimulate your appetite so you don't find it so hard to reach your goals. It will also help you look less "chubby" and leaner at a higher weight.

    Eat some chicken, some full-fat cottage cheese, some Greek yogurt.

    You don't need to lift weights, you can do body weight exercises.


    Saying all of that? I agree with RoxieDawn. I think, having read your other thread, that there are a lot of red flags around you and your relationship with food and your over all self-esteem.

    I think you should talk to your doctor, and be honest about everything so you can get some help before this spirals out of control.

    Thanks a lot for the advice!
    I don't really know how to access the medical service when it's concerning something such as dieting or medical health to be honest, the clinic which is registered as my GP only does on the day bookings and when I tried to call about something which wasn't a physical health issue they literally told me that they had more important things to deal with and to try another day, this happened 4 times...
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    Leaz947 wrote: »
    I am asking for advice on how to eat healthy and get to my daily calorie goal without eating unhealthy things.

    Nuts (or nut butter).

    Or avocado.

    Or dark chocolate.

    Or dried fruit.

    Or full fat cheese.

    All very healthy choices which also happen to be calorie dense.

    Thanks a lot, I'll out them on my grocery list! :)
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