Short pear shapes

show me your before and after pics


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    Everyone is looking so fantastic and happy!!! WTG!
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    Well I've been struggling as of late so I decided to come back to the success thread and have a peek around. It's helped remind me of what people can accomplish when they really want something! So, here is my progress so far. I started Sept 1/15. The comparison pic was taken at the beginning of June 2016. from 240 lbs to around 160 lbs in the June pic. Still holding there at this time but trying to inspire myself to get down to my goal of 140!

    You better go'head and get that sexy figure!!! Beautiful!!
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    Sumiblue wrote: »
    5'2" & 47 yrs old.
    December 2013

    Wow! Applause to you! What an outstanding transformation!!!!
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    The first two were when I originally started back in 2011 I believe it was...maybe even 2010. I've struggled and yo-yo'd since then... at the moment I'm doing more weight training than anything...last time I weighed myself I was 173, then when I went to the doctors they told me I was 184. This uh...mirror may be flattering or something cause I'm even baffled by my current weight and physic. Never trust the damn scale.