No tattoos is the new rebellion!!

Some tattoos are nice, most are "meh", but have never really felt compelled to get one personally. Oddly enough, they're so common now that when people find out I don't have any (since "how many tats do you have" is now common small talk), they're often suprised. One guy even said "oh wow, that's cool!!". Apparently I'm a rebel. Who knew.


  • D4LB
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    I always knew I was some kind of rebellion haha no tats for me either lol
  • Morgaen73
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    lol alt becomes pop
  • ninerbuff
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    Have never had a desire to get one. That may have come from my old school bodybuilding days because back then, tattoos basically "ruined" physiques. Now they aren't uncommon on many bodybuilders.
    Lots of friends have encouraged me, but again I've just had no desire to get one.

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  • DeficitDuchess
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    I am just a sissy, when it comes to; physical pain but I do, desire them!
  • canadianlbs
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    JoyMaillet wrote: »
    One guy even said "oh wow, that's cool!!". Apparently I'm a rebel. Who knew.

    i'm too old for people to have that reaction, i guess. but nope, nothing going on here either.

  • Grey_1
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    None here either. I just never wanted one.
  • fitfreakymom
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    I love my tats,as long as they are done by a professional they can be really nice.
  • jvcjim
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    i've only ever wanted one, but so far my wife has vetoed it claiming it is her right. the one i want would be on my chest and simple say "Do NOT Resuscitate"
  • RoxieDawn
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    My many scars and my specially located birth mark are enough markings for me.. No real desire to get one at this point in my life..
  • schibsted750
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    normcore HxC
  • Chieflrg
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    I didn't get one(other than medical reasons) until I turned 47.

    It's a simple quote with a simple font that is simply perfect for me. I didn't get it to talk about or show anyone, but there is nothing wrong with having them or not. Life is about living in the moment, your moments...
  • shaq370
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    I've been debating about one for the longest time, but I'm a perfectionist and I know I would always want to perfect it, and end up looking like a graffitied wall
  • adrjohuk
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    Tattoos.... Then lose a couple of stone... Ruined! None for me!
  • marm1962
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    I never had a desire for a tattoo until I turned 50, then my daughter came up with the idea for a family tattoo for the female generation of the family. We each have to have the same tattoo, but it can be any color and any size, it could also be integrated with a more elaborate design, but the basic tattoo had to remain the same. My mother, who was 68 at the time, thought it was a great idea and it was the very first (and tattoo for her. So if you have no desire for one, then don't get it. I know many people that don't have one and I know many that do.
  • vikinglander
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    I have seen some that were tastefully done and placed, even sexy; and I have seen some that were horrific, and I couldn't imagine having to look at them every day.

    Personally, my birthday suit is as good as new. I have been screwin' around with the idea of getting one for a long time, based on the idea that my father's father's father's lineage goes back to Denmark and the Vikings - I considered getting this on my left shoulder:


    ...but I've never found an artist I considered worthy. Not yet...

  • ninjarutabega
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    I found a tattoo artist in the Ukraine that I'm really in love with. That's not too unreasonable, is it? US-> Ukraine for forever art?