Ground beef?



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    Have a taco salad instead, skip the cheese (you can't taste it anyway) add beans and veg to your taco meat (peppers, onions, spinach) and load up on the raw veggies. Use greek yogurt instead of sour cream if you are trying to go low calorie. Weigh out 28 grams of tortilla chips and crush them up. Apply salsa as you like for dressing (naturally low calorie.) All in all I just skip the ingredients that give me minimal enjoyment and maximum calories when I'm trying to fit any food in. Usually this means skipping cheese. I've learned that very few things actually need cheese. It was a sad revelation for me.
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    Relser wrote: »
    darn it, now I want tacos at 9 am!

    I always want tacos. Except when I want carrot cake, which is always.

    Hmmm... Carrot cake tacos...
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    I vote taco salad or sloppy joes. We'll typically brown the beef (usually 80 or 85% lean), then rinse it in hot water to remove most of the fat (so we can consider it somewhere around 90% lean) then use it in our recipes. You can make a taco salad without the tortillas although it's not as good if you ask me. We'll make sloppy joes using whole tomatoes, blanched, peeled, processed with raw onions, spices and seasonings, with less or no salt, then add it to the hamburger. Reduces sodium, which allows room for a slice of cheese as well on the sandwich. ;)

    Otherwise you could also use spaghetti squash, make an Italian bake out of it. Plenty of recipes out there. I've seen recipes for making taco shells out of cauliflower but it looks like a lot of work.
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    Tacos. Just lean heavy on the vegetables. A fried taco filled with lots of greasy ground beef, beans cooked with lard, sour cream and lots of cheese is a calorie bomb. A baked taco filled with lean meat, beans without lard, greek yogurt, some cheese and lots of lettuce and salsa is not -- and is healthier to boot.
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    I love tacos! They can be very healthy or very... not. Depends on how you make them. I skip the cheese and go lite on the sour cream. Cook up black beans with some cilantro and lime, throw in some fresh corn and chopped tomato, maybe sweat some peppers and onions, wrap them in lettuce instead of tortilla, etc. Corn tortillas aren't too bad calorie wise either.

    Ok now I need tacos today!
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    Any simple healthy recipes using ground beef? Making tacos for my boyfriend tonight, and not sure what to make for myself..

    why don't you make a taco for yourself? A taco is pretty healthy...