How do i stop eating when bored?

I catch myself checking the fridge constantly. I always feel hungry. Even after eating i think about what i am going to eat next. Especially at work. When it is slow im in the break room looking for snacks. I have tried bringing fruit and veggies to snack on and i eat them immediately yet I'm still hungry :( any ideas on how to get my mine off food? I make sure i drink plenty of water hoping that will fill me up yet i still keep eating.


  • silvlevale
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    chew gum
  • Arizona_C
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    When I have my mind on something I'm passionate about, I do not think about eating. So this will be my advice to you, find something you are passionate about and you you will have less thoughts for food
  • kenyonhaff
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    You need replacement habits. You are clearly eating out of boredom! At work it can be a bit tricky--ESPECIALLY at the holidays when people tend to bring in holiday treats. But I suggest things like taking a quick walk when possible, chair yoga, sudoku, crossword puzzles, origami,, or anything appropriate to the office that is easily disruptable but will keep your mind busier.
  • TechAaronLoyd
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    Coffee helps me.
  • TerryMyfitbitsnbobs
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    Don't! You'll make the craving worse. If you can't have something, you want it more. Suddenly food is the only thought allowed in.
    Instead, keep some carrot, celery, radishes etc and sprinkle with a little powdered seasoning. Chewing sugar free gum also helps.
    Scrambled eggs and other protein rich foods for meals help slow the urges down between meals, but boredom food needs feeding or it screams out louder like a naughty child. Just be sure the food you give it is low calorie.
  • dutchandkiwi
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    Stop being bored. I don't say that to be a wise *kitten* but if you're busy, even if it's a hobby, time will fly and you won't be hungry.

    I totally agree. I used to eat when bored, got myself a bunch of hobbies (often a case of picking up old forgotten ones) and keep myself occupied and not bored - I have even started a walk around town if I felt so bored that I could eat all stuff in the fridge - inspired me to take up photography
  • Elise4270
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    Water? Pre Cook meals? Plan meals? Clean? Go for a walk?

    I picked up an instrument to fill in boredom. You could color, that's therapeutic.

    Good luck!
  • fitRTs
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    I definitely have the same sort of issue! At work, I've been trying to hold off on snacking but with everyone bringing in treats and holiday parties it's been hard.

    I find that if I don't give in to the first indiscretion it's easier throughout the day to continue to hold off. Even if one cookie is just 100 calories, if I give in to that it's so much easier to keep giving in all day long and then eventually I fall into the "I'll be better tomorrow" cycle.

    I'll drink coffee which helps my appetite or chew gum. Keeps the mouth busy even when the mind is bored. I do have some healthier snacks like carrots or peppers. I try to eat these (and any other snacks) mindfully so that I don't inhale them too quickly.
  • SBrown360
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    Keep some popcorn on you for a quick low cal snack or brush your teeth, go for a quick walk, take a shower, something to distract yourself.
  • RachelElser
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    Go do something! Take a walk, read a book, do a crafts, play a game, clean the house, do laundry, etc.
  • Tucker3306
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    Jerky, water, green tea, and coffee
  • CranstonJ2016
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    Cheeing gum helps me :)
  • Weirdistonni
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    Mainly my problem is when i am at work. When im home it is some what easier because i dont keep food in the fridge i can snack on. I try to stay busy at work but right now its slow which it is really hard not to cave in since everyone brings snacks.. and not just because its the holidays they always seem to bring snacks. Birthdays we have cake or a party, having a meeting got snacks, todays there is a pizza party :( i try to resist but I catch myself grabbing a piece on pizza or a cookie in between what i am doing :/

    I havent tried chewing gum ill see if that helps. Also popcorn might help since i keep snacking on veggies and fruit and still feel hungry afterwards.

    Thanks guys
  • alexanderislove
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    I have the same problem, Tonniisweird. I should try the gum thing!
  • tinamarie6624
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    I know this will sound weird but I try to trick my stomach and mind into thinking that it is eating more than it is. I will bring saltine crackers to work (it could be anything) and then I will have one each hour in the afternoon. That way I can look forward to eating something but we are only talking 14 calories per cracker. I don't know if that will work for anyone else or maybe it just works because I'm crazy. :smiley:
  • Weirdistonni
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    I like that idea! I will try that! Thank you
  • gregsalas1983
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    Whenever Im hungry between meals I drink tea. It warms the belly for 30 mins or so and I'm that much closer to my next meal. Stay strong and keep your goal in mind!
  • MissBeeGonz
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    After you eat brush your teeth, use mouthwash and/chew mint gum. That helps! Or on your breaks bring a cross word puzzle or a book. Over eating is more of a mental thing. Good luck!