Looking to lose about 70 pounds, who's in with me?

Hi!! I'm new here, I'm 5.6 and about 220. I wish to lose at least 70 pounds. I'm looking for motivated friends with who I will be able to share ideas, meals, workouts etc. Feel free to add me, I can't wait to change my life with you Pals!!


  • longview
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    Thats what i would like to lose,I'm finding it hard to get started and stay on track
  • mhancocktv
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    Hey guys! Me, too. I'm 6'1" and 330 pounds. I'd like to weigh under 300 pounds - for my first goal. Then, 250. Then, 225. That should be a good weight for me as a 51 yo. I find it difficult to stay on track... I don't eat, exercise, nor drink lots of water with consistency. I must develop stronger WHY's.
  • aritaalana
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    Im with u i just got started. I am 5.9 and 230pounds whats your secrets and tips
  • I'm with you as well. I'm 5'7 and 222. I feel awful but just seem to have no willpower. I have to stop doing this to myself. Looking for sons accountability buddies.
  • FrozenSon
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    Let's go as I've got lots to lose. Anyone feel free to send me a request. We can do this!
  • samegirl8620
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    I would like to join you guys, could really use the support along with a desire tondo this with others.
  • Verity1111
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    Me! I have about 70 left. I lost 24 so far. I started Oct 11th. Im 5'4". Add me? :) I am currently around 200lbs.
  • espritjoie
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    I would love to join too. I just started over again and would love to exchange encouragement and ideas.
  • NoResolution
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    Hey guys!! Just add me and write a comment under the demand so I know you found me with this community post. I don't come to check this very often :neutral: lol
  • madina030877
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    Please, please add me too, mom to 4, 182 pounds, 30 pounds to loose after the last child, I am 5"8'. So tired of starting over and over again, need motivation, no friends to motivate around me:( , just a lot of food
  • hunny73
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    A little shorter but also 220lbs. Please add me :)
  • dynamodi
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    Added :-)
  • Fitnessmom38
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    Y'all please feel free to add me I'm 5,7 and around 230 I'm guessing. My goal is to get down to 145 by end of next year.
  • finayoun
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    Totally down! Let's do this!!
  • NoResolution
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    Hey guys!! Just add me and write a comment under the demand so I know you found me with this community post. I don't come to check this very often :neutral: lol

  • NoResolution
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    Still looking for motivated pals to lose all that weight with me!! Just add a note to your friend request saying you found me in this community! My goal this week is to log everything I eat (Good or bad, over or not my calorie goal (1200) ) and not to eat after 8PM since that's a problem for me!! Lol I snack a lot LOL
  • misserin122
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    FR sent! :)
  • ijhardwicke
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    Hey y'all...looking to do the same...completely new to this type of community, so you may have to hold my hand. I'm tracking everything in hopes of putting a dent in my 70 before surgery in February. Not sure how to do friend requests or anything else -- is this easier on your mobile device?
  • ssparkle
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    Hi! Looking to lose almost the same amount of weight. Seeking support and accountability !
  • hallsan
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    Hi, I'm new to Fitnesspal. I'm 5'4.5" and about 230. Want to get to 185 early next year, then 160 in future. For me, losing is easier than maintaining. I lost 50 in 2014 and 2015 by walking up to 25 miles a week, along with swimming and hiking, and counting calories, cutting out carbs and keeping a food diary. Then I got sick and inactive, lost my BodyMedia activity tracker due to them quitting, quit logging my food, started eating "normally" meaning carbs, and put it all back on plus 10 extra. I really want to work on lifestyle change, and my fitbit is helpful; walking or some form of regular calorie burn is a must, but no carbs permanently is difficult for my lifestyle with teenagers and a husband who loves carbs. When I log my food and move more, I am lucky to lose weight.

    So I have lost 6 lbs this month so far and hope to learn how to permanently live an active lifestyle (again) and not just give up if I have health challenges or lose my activity tracker.

    Best of luck to all.