Any foods you can't trust yourself with?



  • Gisel2015
    Gisel2015 Posts: 4,026 Member
    Seedless grapes (any color) and cherries. If they are on the kitchen counter they will disappear very fast so I always keep them in the fridge because I don't like them cold. I just take out what I will eat for desert or as a snack.
  • TMW2119
    TMW2119 Posts: 178 Member
    Brownies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding. Anyone see a trend here. Oh, also cheese. I'm trying to lower my cholesterol and I really just want to eat all the cheese.
  • stephanne13
    stephanne13 Posts: 212 Member
    Cookies. :( I can't buy them from the bakery of my grocery store or make a batch because I will eat them all (or most). I've tried pre-portioning them out into sandwich bags, but I know they're still there and it doesn't work long term. Sadly not too many places sell just one or two cookies.

    ^^ I learned this lesson the hard way today. I made three different batches of oatmeal cookies... peanut butter & chocolate chips, chocolate & butterscotch chips, and cranberry oatmeal... you know, for Christmas.
    I tested them a bit too much..
  • Marieyeyeam
    Marieyeyeam Posts: 104 Member
    Chips n anything with cheese :'(
  • schac061
    schac061 Posts: 41 Member
    glassyo wrote: »
    Apparently any free food that's been gifted to us at work because I've been out of control with the See's candy, mixed nuts (really just picking out all the cashews), cookies, chocolate covered almonds, and chocolate covered raisins in the past two weeks.

    THIS!!! I just re gifted an unopened See's assortment because I knew if I opened it to find the Bordeaux, it would be over for me!!
  • Marcel182
    Marcel182 Posts: 143 Member
    Chocolate chip cookies. Oh how I love them. Oh how I hate them!
  • AngryViking1970
    AngryViking1970 Posts: 2,848 Member
    dogemeat wrote: »
    Fresh homemade bread. Like straight out of the oven. I can finish a loaf before it's properly cooled down for human consumption. Nothing else comes even close.

    Note to self: Bake some bread this weekend and don't share.
  • Susieq_1994
    Susieq_1994 Posts: 5,361 Member
    Fresh, soft, chewy caramel chocolate chip cookies. I just need to sniff them and then they 'magically' disappear (into my stomach).
  • laur357
    laur357 Posts: 896 Member
    Cheese + crackers
    Chips/tortilla chips/salsa/dip - serving size: all of them
    Good bread (like, fresh baguettes from a bakery and not pre-sliced sandwich bread)
  • ChelzFit
    ChelzFit Posts: 289 Member
    Cookie dough ice cream
    Puppy Chow
    Deep dish pizza
    Peanut butter m&ms
  • RachelElser
    RachelElser Posts: 1,049 Member
    Chester's Cheese puffs! I can eat a whole bag without noticing!
  • Carol_
    Carol_ Posts: 469 Member
    My list is very long.
  • not_my_first_rodeo
    not_my_first_rodeo Posts: 300 Member
    Stir fry.
  • shanahz
    shanahz Posts: 261 Member
    Ranch dressing made from scratch and cheese. I've been known to eat Parmesan right out of the container. :#
  • riceflourde
    riceflourde Posts: 58 Member
    Fresh Italian bread with butter. It was a huge push towards my over eating last week!
  • AmandaDanceMore
    AmandaDanceMore Posts: 298 Member
    Cheese, peanut butter (especially if it's the "bad" non-organic, no need to serve stuff), and, apparently, sun dried tomato Triscuits.
  • hyIianprincess
    hyIianprincess Posts: 302 Member
    edited December 2016
    Oreos, pizza, quesadillas, french bread, french fries. The serving sizes for these are way too small to me. I always eat way more than I should.
  • klove808
    klove808 Posts: 363 Member

    And ...

    Fresh ramen or pasta noodles w/said cheese
  • ritzvin
    ritzvin Posts: 2,847 Member
    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    Cured Italian meats and cheese

    My weakness as well.