I'm embarrassed to run...



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    get in there and do it... I admire anyone that I see running.... once you start, you will love it!!, go go go!
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    You have no idea what other people think--you are letting your own insecurity beat you down. Stop doing that! You have the motivation. Get out there and do it! Who cares what random people on the street think? You are too busy getting healthy to care! Do it, man! Live your dream! You got this!

    FYI, after 18 months on an elliptical machine, I am two runs into C25K, and you cannot possibly progress any slower than I have. :)
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    Like so many others said - those who are into fitness will think 'good on him - he's doing something about it' those who aren't will wish they'd have the courage to start

    My motto is - I'm lapping all those sat on the couch (had to give up running due to a bad knee but i think this with any exercise i do)
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    I started as an obese runner and now consider myself an overweight one. It was the best decision to start C25K. Go buy yourself some cute running clothes, good shoes and listen to your body. I stayed on week 2-3 for 2 months to prevent injury. It empowered me and truly who gives a #%*# what others think, this is about you. Have fun and congrats on the start of something new.
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    I started running when I weighed 215 lb. I was self conscious too. But here's the thing: there are three types of people who are watching you
    Nice story, thanks for sharing! Also OP, I am still self conscious running with 10 kg's (22 lbs) to lose, however, I still get out there 6 times a week and am now able to run over 5 miles. While some are commenting that its harsh on your body to run carrying weight I say bah, get out there and walk, jog and eventually run distances if that is your goal. I started at 90 kg's (198 pounds) and have run off 21 kg's (46 lbs) so far without major injury. I get thumbs up and nods from other runners, the rest I try to ignore and listen to my music! Good luck! :)
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    @madxwolf So many great supportive people that I have seen popping up in multiple posts have said it all.
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    What other people think of you is irrelevant! You are doing this for your health and your future.
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    People may well laugh. [impolite verb] them. The most important voice is the one in your head, and if that voice is telling you to get moving, then get moving. The best exercise program for you is the one that you will do.
    One of the things I learned very quickly when I started running is that we're invisible, we become part of the urban landscape (one of the reasons we need to be vigilant around traffic). I can't speak for non-runners but you'll find that most other runners are supportive and encouraging of your decision to lead a healthier life.
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    My suggestion is to find a local running store or running group that offers a beginners program. Join them and you will quickly realize there are many others just like you. You will also find that the more experienced runners will go out of their way to encourage you, help you, and include you in the group. Good luck. Don't give up.
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    there are three types of people who are watching you:
    1) Runners who are currently out for a run. They are most likely thinking something like, "hey, another runner! Good job!"
    2) Runners who are not currently out for a run. They are most likely thinking something like, "wow, I'd like to go for a run right now! I'm jealous of you!"
    3) Non-runners. They might be thinking, "maybe I ought to run too," or else they're probably thinking, "oh, there's a runner."
    Runners don't care, non-runners don't matter.
    Don't overdo it, a structured plan like C25K will help. Run at a pace that you can converse at, and use short, quick paces

    I could Quote quite a few more but I believe this is more than enough.
    I really support the concept of a local Running Club or Running Speciality store as most of the reputable ones will host a Learn To Run Group. Yes they want you to shop in there store - small price to pay for what you get.
    A Steel Worker wears special Shoes to support-protect his feet.
    A Football player uses different shoes than a Baseball, Soccer, Basketball or Track Athlete.
    So get fitted for good shoes is really the first step.

    There is a supportive C25K Group in MFP.