Goal for 2017 No Soda

I've made several goals for 2017 and one of my Big Ones is to stop drinking soda and focus on drinking only water, I have drink mixes and energy drinks that have no sugar or aspartame in them and I love drinking with in my water, there also calorie free. I stopped drinking Mountain Dew 5 years ago and it was hard but I did it and I know I can do this just need to stay focused. Please feel free to add me as a friend as I'm always looking for new friends.


  • crzycatlady1
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    Are you currently drinking regular or diet soda? Cutting out regular would definitely save you some calories, but cutting out diet soda won't really do anything for you weight wise since it's 0 calories. It will save you some money though :)
  • cerise_noir
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    Are you currently drinking regular or diet soda? Cutting out regular would definitely save you some calories, but cutting out diet soda won't really do anything for you weight wise since it's 0 calories. It will save you some money though :)

    And, there is nothing scary about aspartame.
  • asltiffm
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    Go for it! I gave up soda 14 years ago. It was soooo hard! But I made it through the tough part...and now I can't even stand the feel of carbonation in my mouth and the smell of soda makes me sick. You can do it!!!
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    Thank you very much
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    I think it's been about 10 years since I gave up soda. Don't miss it at all and if I try to drink some now, it just tastes vile.
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    I swapped soft drink (Australian for soda) for sparkling water - it's a bit more exciting than normal water, and satisfies the carbonated sensation of soft drink....
  • firecat1987
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    i can't get rid of soda, I just have it in moderation now. When I tried to switch completely to water I got extremely dehydrated because I hate water :P
  • crzycatlady1
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    Give up pop(not soda.. pop haha)??.... this is what my mini fridge looks like filled with Coke Zero.. you can pry it from my cold dead heands...


    You sir, are my hero.

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    Best of luck-I need it myself.....I'm giving up diet coke (financial reasons and also, I drink litres of the stuff!).
  • firecat1987
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    I just drink the real thing, none of this diet stuff. I just make sure it fits into my daily goal of calories.
  • August_1958
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    I gave up "pop" in August. I do not miss it in the least. I have lost 23 pounds so far.

    I have reactions to artificial sweeteners, so I do not drink diet anything. I only drink (plain) water or unsweet tea. Occasionally I have a hot tea/herbal tea with a teaspoon of honey. ;)

    By the way....MalkinMagic71.... a big thumbs up on that hockey team! Go Pens!
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    I've totally replaced my Diet Coke addiction with flavored (but unsweetened) carbonated water. This has made my dental hygienist very happy. Among the brands I buy are Trader Joe's, Poland Springs, Deer Park, LaCroix, Canada Dry, and some grocery store brands. Just look for ingredients lists that are only carbonated water and natural flavorings. Tasty stuff.
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    I gave them up 13 years ago and don't miss them. The first week was the worst but after 3 weeks, the cravings were gone.
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    Nothing wrong with it, but if I was picking a lofty goal for 2017 I'd try to find something that would have more of an impact on whatever your ultimate goal is. Cutting regular soda would definitely be helpful but cutting all types of soda including zero calorie ones just seems like unnecessary punishment.
  • wanzik
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    Congratulations on giving up the soda/pop! You have my support. :wink:
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    Once you stop drinking soda you really don't crave it anymore. I haven't drank soda (besides as a mixer with alc) for 5-6 years. Start with tea to encourage yourself to drink more water, or those flavor mixers. After you get used to that, transition to water if it's difficult.
  • smiles6428
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    I drink a ton of soda water using a soda stream. It's perfect when you don't want tap water but want something bubbily. I have 2 soda stream machines- one at the house and one in the office.
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    Sugared soda pop, was a one way ticket to diabetes for me. I gave it up a couple of years ago. Even when I eat high carb and gain weight my blood sugar still has stayed in the pre-diabetes range. I gave it up completely for several months, I now drink diet soda in moderation. At first diet soda tasted awful to me but it is a treat now.