2017~~52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • tamigetsfit2017
    tamigetsfit2017 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey! I'm totally in for this challenge!! I weigh in on Mondays, so I will start today:

    Starting weight: 187.4 lbs
    Goal Weight: 130 lbs
    Weight Loss: 0 lbs

    Week's Goals: journal everyday, eat breakfast every day

    Looking forward to all the support from this group!!
  • LuisToscano
    LuisToscano Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in.

    Starting weight:202.8
    Goal weight:175
    Current weight:202.8
    Total weight lost:TBD
    This week's successes:getting gym membership
    This week's challenges: motivation to join the crowds at the gym
  • junodog1
    junodog1 Posts: 4,792 Member
    Starting weight: 226.4
    Goal weight: 175
    Current weight: 226.4
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's successes: Just starting
    This week's challenges: Getting back on the horse
  • kpshsnc
    kpshsnc Posts: 2 Member
    I NEED to be a part of the group!
    Starting weight: 168
    Goal weight: 138
    Current weight: 168
    Total weight lost:
    This week's successes: Deciding to start the 5:2 fasting diet with my husband.
    This week's challenges: clearing out the rest of the junk, sweets and alcohol from my house.
  • LadyDiLikesPie
    LadyDiLikesPie Posts: 11 Member
    Count me in!

    Starting weight: 246 lbs
    Goal weight: 165 lbs
    Current weight: 246 lbs
    Total weight lost: You mean this time around right? LOL. 0
    This week's successes: Coming back to Fitness Pal
    This week's challenges: Staying within my calorie goals each day.

    I have been a Fitness Pal member for a couple of years and have had some success working on my goals alone. But I have a problem with self sabotaging after awhile. I'm going to try being more a part of the community and am starting by joining this challenge. Good Luck to All and Happy New Year!
  • SkinnyBubbaGaar
    SkinnyBubbaGaar Posts: 389 Member
    edited January 2017
    OK, count me in here in San Antonio.

    Jumping back in this rodeo after a bit of time off of MyFitnessPal. Have previously lost about 75#'s from my all-time high and ready to now attack the next 50-70#'s that I'd like to get rid of.

    Starting Weight: 350+
    Goal Weight: 215
    Starting Weight 2017 (01/01/2017): 274

    Total Weight Lost (since starting): 76 lbs.
    Total Weight Lost So Far in 2017: TBA

    Starting Weight 2017 (01/01/2017): 274
    Total Weight Lost (Week 1): TBA
    This Week's Goals: 2 lbs loss.
    This Week's Challenges: Getting consistent again with trackling/logging. / Traveling for work.

  • michelle9999
    michelle9999 Posts: 11 Member
    This sounds like a good starting point!

    Starting weight: 201
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 201
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's successes: signing up for this challenge!
    This week's challenges: Vacation

  • sheriw0207
    sheriw0207 Posts: 3 Member
    edited January 2017
    This sounds great, I am in!!
    Feel free to add me as a friend
  • sheriw0207
    sheriw0207 Posts: 3 Member
    Starting weight: 266.5
    Goal weight: 214.4
    Current weight: 266.5
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's successes: lost weight over the holidays
    This week's challenges: back to work
  • devomann
    devomann Posts: 9 Member
    Starting weight: 348.7 lb
    Goal weight: 200 lb
    Current weight: 348.7 lb
    Total weight lost: fresh start!
    This week's successes: starting! Last night I bought beachbody on demand and I'm so excited to start. I've always been over weight, and I have lost all of the weight before. But it's back and this time it's going down! I found in the Bible how you're to take care to your body so now it's bigger than me! I'm doing this for myself. But most important God.
    This week's challenges: creating new habits. It's hard to start over. But it'll be worth it!
  • nisijam5
    nisijam5 Posts: 10,390 Member
    Starting weight 194.6
    Goal weight 144
    Current weight 194.6
    Total weight lost 0
    This week's successes:
    This week's challenges: Time management to exercise - develop a plan
  • Ohio4Me
    Ohio4Me Posts: 22 Member
    Love it - I am returning to MFP (again) with plans to make a positive change this year.
    I had already decided on 1 pound/week then found this group - it's meant to be!

    Starting weight: 299.8
    Goal weight (2017): 247.8
    Current weight: 299.8
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's successes: I said I going to sign up and I did!
    This week's challenges: Consistency, stick-to-itiveness
    SHEEZLUVLLY Posts: 33 Member
    I'm in would loved to join!
    SHEEZLUVLLY Posts: 33 Member
    I weighed in today at 260.00 1/2/2017
  • LisaG321968
    LisaG321968 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in....trying to compete this year if I'm not sidelined (again) by injury. Fingers crossed.

    Starting weight: 183.6
    Goal weight: not sure but probably somewhere around 125ish
    Current weight: 183.6
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's successes: meals prepped and my husband is actually being supportive this time....(who is this man?)
    This week's challenges: none so far

    Anyone interested in adding me may do so....I will reciprocate.

    Let's get this done!
  • anencounter
    anencounter Posts: 4 Member
    I'm in! :)

    Starting Date: January 2, 2017
    Starting weight: 147.5
    Goal weight: 110
    Current weight: 147.5
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's successes: Starting
    This week's challenges: Tracking every day
  • debbistanley
    debbistanley Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in - starting 1/2/2017
    Starting weight: 211 (ouch)
    Goal weight: 165
    Current weight: 211

    This week's goal: begin with 3-day cleanse
    This week's challenge: travel - as always
  • kellyhoene85
    kellyhoene85 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in! I'm registered to run a 10k in April and having some motivation and accountability is just what I need!

    Starting weight 200
    Goal weight 150
    Current weight 200
    Total weight lost 0
    This week's successes: I plan to set up a meal plan for healthy eating throughout the week and beginning a strength training regimen before starting a couch to 10k training plan.
    This week's challenges: My kids are still home from school, so finding the time for exercise is hard, but I'm trying to include them in the exercise fun!

    Starting today, January 2, 2017.

  • lovanwink
    lovanwink Posts: 4 Member
    Starting weight:210
    Goal weight:150
    Current weight:170.4 (down 4 from first post in this group)
    Total weight lost: 4
    This week's successes: exercise everyday 30 mins
    This week's challenges:motivation
  • janeway25
    janeway25 Posts: 261 Member
    I'm in! Starting today, January 2.

    Starting weight: 218
    Goal weight: 166 (for this challenge... a little further to go after that!)
    Current weight: 218
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's successes: Getting back onto MFP, setting up both long-term (this) and short-term goals (month-long plank challenge, personal daily goals with the Just For Today motivation group)
    This week's challenges: Still on vacation this week, so getting outside and active!