Whey isolate

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I've used whey and casein powders before, but haven't tried isolate.

I tend to prefer casein because it seems thicker and keeps me full. Is isolate the same?


  • questionfear
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    I think casein is thicker, it is specifically a slower digesting protein. Isolate is still filling, but it's more of an after workout powder.

    At least that is how I have used it.
  • Spliner1969
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    Isolates have less lactose, so if that's something that bothers you then they are probably a good option. I've had isolates that are thick, and ones that are thin, it depends on the brand and what kind of fillers they put in it. From what I've found the ones that are thinner are generally the ones not spiking their protein powders, but the ones that are really thick have all kinds of additives that artificially spike up the protein levels for testing. I think some brands have been (or are currently being) sued for this very thing. Doesn't mean that if it's thick it's no good, just that they've added something to make it thick.
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    Ok....thanks. I'll just stick with the casein. Was just asking out of curiosity.
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    I like isolates as I have issues with lactose sometimes.

    I really like the Kaizen Naturals Vanilla Whey Isolate they sell at Costco. Nice and thick, not tons of extra stuff added and delicious. Not chalky.
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