How many calories?!



  • jennifer_417
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    I could easily eat 5000 calories in a day if I just ate whatever I wanted. Thankfully I almost never do that any more. A bad day now is usually closer to 2500 calories.
  • Machka9
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    I ate 3600 cal yesterday. It was a good day. I remained well within my calorie limit. :)
  • TavistockToad
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    A normal day for me is 1550, so add in up to 1000 cals for a long run day would be normal so I suppose I would call anything over 3000 a very good day :laugh:
  • dizzysarah
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    5000 EASILY
  • aneedforchange
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    Not that I do

    You do NOT need to justify yourself because someone left a comment that was kinda rude and not related to the question ;) I could probably eat way more then that, maybe in the 4000's just because if I had free reign cheese would be on everything lol
  • not_a_runner
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    I probably eat 5000+ easily on a truly "bad day." My maintenance is 2600.
    I don't bother to log if I know it's going to be that much. I just sigh, and try to do better the next day.
    I do my best to avoid days like this because it usually throws be into a cycle of binge eating every day for several days.
  • janejellyroll
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    I *think* the highest day I have ever logged was 3,600. A more typical "high" day for me would be 2,500-2,700 (my TDEE is currently around 1,900).
  • SparklyBubblyBabe
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    I think I was eating about 2000-2300 calories a day before. My bad days now are 1900-2000. Before they were probably 2500. I dunno a lot of my weight was packed on as a kid so I've been eating 2000 since my childhood which puts on a lot of weight for a 7 year old but less so as you get older. It's probably why I hit a wall with my weight at 155. I didn't really binge so much as I was just eating too much everyday.
  • allyphoe
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    TDEE is ~2,000. Going back 3 years, I'm over 3,000 about once a month, with a high of ~3,600.

    At one point, I gained 40+ pounds in 6 weeks (medication side effect made me hungry all the time, no matter how much I ate). Math says I was averaging more than 5,000 calories a day. You know how people say you didn't gain it fast so don't expect to lose it fast? I am entirely capable of gaining fast.
  • jkwolly
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    Just this last Christmas, my husband and I tracked how much we ate on Boxing Day at our big family event, including drinks.

    I was at 4,500 (I was driving so I had only a few glasses of wine)
    He was at 6,800

    It was deliciously epic. <3