This is probably a dumb question but..

My steps are no longer tracking? Like it's just not there? What's the deal?


  • firephoenix8
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    What device are you using?
  • Laurasauer23
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  • Dee_D33
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    If you're going off of MFP step calculator, don't. I can clean my house, walk my dog, jog for 30 minutes, hit the gym and it'll still tell me I only took 500 steps lol.
  • candythorns
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    Hard reboot. Hold down home button and power button for 10 seconds. Then let us know if it's fixed
  • Laurasauer23
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    I'll try the reboot now.
  • Laurasauer23
    Laurasauer23 Posts: 9 Member
    Didn't work.
  • Laurasauer23
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  • Laurasauer23
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    This is what my home page looks like
  • mbag437
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    This happened to me, I contacted MFP and they gave me a whole list of instructions.

    Our apologies for any problems you have been having. It sounds as if you may have run into a problem with an expired "token" (basically, the data required to get past the toll booth to cross the bridge from one partner to the other). To refresh your token, please perform the following exact steps:

    - Go to our main website at, then to the Apps tab, then find Fitbit on the right, click on it and then disconnect.
    - Then log into your Fitbit account at, click the gear icon, then Settings, next click Applications, then Click the blue 'Revoke Access' button and revoke access for MyFitnessPal
    - It's important to make sure Fitbit has been disconnected on both MyFitnessPal and Fitbit
    - Once disconnected, please wait 15 minutes then try to reconnect from the MyFitnessPal website
    - Go back to website (not the Fitbit or MFP app) and relink your Fitbit device via the main Apps tab,
    - Once you have reconnected, go back to the Apps tab online and make sure Fitbit is now showing on the right-hand side of the page under Your Apps.

    This should refresh your link on both sides. Once you have reestablished the connection, you need to then make sure to elect Fitbit as your step source.

    You can elect Fitibit as your Step source either via the Menu in the App, then Steps. Or online here:

    If you continue to have a problem, please let us know your MyFitnessPal username as well as your Fitbit ID. (Which can be found by clicking on your profile photo at, which will take you to your Profile and now copy the URL at the top and paste it in the email reply to us.)

    Kind Regards,

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  • Laurasauer23
    Laurasauer23 Posts: 9 Member
    I didn't realize if I logged exercise that my steps would be gone. That must be it.
  • ronjsteele1
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    I had to disconnect my misfit like they said to your Fitbit and reconnect it and that fixed it. I don't have any trouble logging my cardio and then having it log my steps. I do have to be careful not to double dip.
  • Laurasauer23
    Laurasauer23 Posts: 9 Member
    I don't have a Fitbit connected. I just thought in the past there was a pedometer on this app regardless of exercise logged manually. I've used this app for a long time and have never had my steps disappear until today
  • julie2038
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    So I have been on MFP for 596 days. My Fitbit had synced with the account for a long period of time and then back in November it stopped. It was very frustrating, but I thought maybe it was now a premium thing. Went on with life. Saw this post, did the steps, and it's WORKING!!!!!! I'm so excited.
  • Laurasauer23
    Laurasauer23 Posts: 9 Member
    Awesome Julie! I was hoping this morning that now my steps would show since I didn't log any exercise so far today. Nope. Still no steps anywhere on my page