If you had 1 month for vacation...



  • suruda
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    Here are two of my favorite trips...

    Europe: Italy centered....Italy, Croatia, Greece Awesome food, culture, scenery, people!
    Africa: I've only been to Tanzania on a safari which was much more amazing than I expected and then spent a few days on Zanzibar for beach and culture. Amazing trip, planning on returning in a few years to climb Kilamanjaro

    I was going to suggest SE Asia since that is my next destination but you've been there!

    Can't wait to see what you decide on!
  • Reaverie
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    Everyone is talking about going to other countries and I'm here like "ren fest 4 hours away in same state I live." It would be awesome to go to Israel or Egypt or somewhere with LOTS of nature and wild animals.. but ..planes..flying..death!
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  • Hungry_Angler
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    I'd have to do a long hiking trail, either Pacific Crest trail or one equally as scenic. Would just have to shorten up the trail to get out there for the time I have allotted.
  • jnichel
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    I've set foot on 6 of the 7 continents and have no desire to make it 7 for 7 (sorry Antarctica). Of all the places I've been, there are a couple I wouldn't mind going to again, but at this point in my life, I'd rather stay at home for a month while my wife and kids go on vacation.
  • LiftingRiot
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    I would devise a month long road trip and travel the US. Im talking bar hopping, hiking, camping, hotel parties, and site seeing.
  • TheRoadDog
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    I've already booked and paid for my 4 weeks of vacation this year. 2 Weeks in Maui in June. 1 Week Motorcyle run 1st week in August. Portland to Santa Monica and back. As soon as I get back, my wife are heading to Vegas the next day for 1 week.
  • chocolate_owl
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    I would LOVE a month-long vacation, so jealous!

    I really want to do a loop around South America that hits the following places:
    -Somewhere like Horcon where I can stay in an observatory and sleep under the stars
    -Valle de Colchagua
    -Buenos Aires
    -Iguazu Falls
    -Salt flats
    -Car blessing ceremony in Copacabana
    -Machu Picchu
    -Sandoval Lake

    I'd probably need two months, really. There would be a lot more I'd like to see in between places, too. Maybe Chile and Peru in a month?

    I've done Australia and New Zealand, and it's definitely worth spending time both places if you have the chance. You could easily spend a month in either place, or you could do two weeks in NZ and two weeks on Australia's east coast/Tasmania. Tasmania is really cool, btw.
  • PhillyBlazen76
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    For a month?! Wow that's awesome!!
    I wld def go to:
    Boracay, Panglao Island!!!
    My classic spot since it's home to my girlfriend:
    I can't forget:
    Taipei de Fora and Praia do Sancho!
    I've also had a blast in Mexico as well.
  • Carbkiller1970
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    Off to Europe again but would much rather get an RV and site see the US
  • denversillygoose
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    I would bikepack around Europe.
  • CooCooPuff
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    I stayed in Spain last year and fell in love. It was a guided tour for my sister's school, thus rushed as all hell. A month to explore would be fantastic.
  • lilawolf
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    You guys are as all over the place as I am! So hard to choose!!! A couple new things to put on my list though.... I'm waiting for my schedule to be set, then I'll be on skyscanner to help me choose.

    Bariloche Argentina and Krabi Thailand are probably my fave places on earth so far, but I'd like to add some a new country or two.

    First new country of the year was Japan and I think I'm going to Nigeria over Thanksgiving. Last year's new countries were the Philippines and Ireland.
  • If budget wasn't an issue I would do a tour of the Scottish golf courses. St Andrews, St Georges, St. Ann's, Carnoustie, etc. Then do the same in Ireland so my wife and kids can see where the family comes from.
  • frannieshack
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    I am with Lucy, I would get to Alaska, and hit as many national parks as possible before they are all destroyed.
  • murph155
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    Definitely Ireland and England. I have DOZENS of cousins there (and none here!) and am long overdue for a visit. Might need more than 4 weeks, though. :)
  • Francl27
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    Reaverie wrote: »
    Everyone is talking about going to other countries and I'm here like "ren fest 4 hours away in same state I live." It would be awesome to go to Israel or Egypt or somewhere with LOTS of nature and wild animals.. but ..planes..flying..death!

    Unfortunately there are so many places that just aren't safe to go to anymore too...

    I grew up in Europe with parents who loved traveling (and were friends with a travel agent) and I've seen a lot. Honestly not sure at this point that I'd really care about traveling more, but I have two young kids who are just BAD travelers, so it's just not worth wasting the money just to have them whine somewhere else at this point.
  • lilawolf
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    I've narrowed down to 6 options, still a lot, but not infinite:
    1. I would love to spend more time in Thailand, particularly Krabi (some of the most beautiful beaches in the world) and I've never been to Vietnam or Cambodia. Since I travel to Asia for work, this is slightly less appealing since I could see all of these locations a week at a time when my flights are basically paid for.
    2. New Zealand. Too many people, on here and other times in my life, have praised it, not to consider it. Fiji was awesome.
    3. Amsterdam. Cheap flights, heard great things, and very central to many places I want to see.
    4. Greece. I once had a trip booked there that I had to cancel. Still want to see it. Kinda want to wait until Turkey is safe to see as well though.
    5. Nepal and Tibet
    6. Go hike Torres del Paine. Not sure I have time to prepare for this though.
  • Riffraft1960
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    Paris then Rome then Greece then Israel then Egypt. See the Lourve, Versailles, Coliseum, fountains, Sistene Chapel, Parthenon, Jerusalem, biblical sites, Pyramids, Sphinx. And many other things in between
  • kali31337
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    I would spend the month traveling Ireland. It's so easy to get around that country by bus and everyone is so very friendly