Cheat day turned into cheat days... Help

So with Valentines Day being Tue and my mom's bday was yday, my cheat day turned into 3 days


  • jazzyspender
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    Oh man, I hate that...then it's almost the weekend so it's easy to say, "well on Monday...". Start back at it tomorrow or even the rest of can do it! You are worth it!
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  • Kcash1996
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    I recently adopted a project me mentality, everyday I am working towards making me better, it really has kept me in check, my project includes my goals and what I am working towards currently to help me achieve my personal goals. keep daily, weekly, monthly and short and long term goals. we all slip, and we all have cheat days, just keep working on project you.
  • bebeisfit
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    Make a U turn! No need to continue on in the wrong direction. Make the next meal a healthy one and grab some water. Toss any remaining candy/cake out. Yes, you are wasting money - but just get it out of the house. At least for me, that's what I need to do. If it sits in my house, it sits in my belly. Make a plan for your meals over the next few days - do you have meals prepared, the ingredients you'll need? It's too easy to order out or make poor choices. You can do this!
  • adammeynell86
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    Change your perspective, consistency is key, if you had an awesome 10/11 months between now and Christmas then three days is nothing, not a thing. I know lots of people have cheat days and what not, have you ever thought of banking them? If I get to the end of the week and I don't feel like I want to go mental and eat cake, or burgers or a whole buffet then I don't, but I'll bank that cheat day, so when I'm on a weekend away and I have a couple of days of gluttony then it's okay, because overall consistency has won, and 2,3 even 7 days can't ruin a generally healthy lifestyle, and the best bit is, with that mindset it eliminates a lot of guilt.
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    So was today Day 3?

    Sometimes it's challenging to get back on track after being off a few days. Try to go back to a slight deficit and see if that helps.
  • EricaCraigie
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    I know that feeling..
    I just had the cheat day to end all cheat days today . But won't do it again til after the summer :)
  • deannalfisher
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    honestly, this is why I hate the cheat day concept - because for many people it ends up being more than one day
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    I had a rough several days over the last week and a half or so.. I kind of logged, but ate things I didn't even measure, much less log. Shouldn't have, but did. Yesterday, I got back on the horse, so to speak. Got up this morning to a 1.2lb weight loss from my previous low. :smile: Just climb back on and keep riding! Even a few days, a week, won't stop you if you return to the healthier ways.
  • descene
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    honestly, this is why I hate the cheat day concept - because for many people it ends up being more than one day

    Yeah, initially it didn't so much work, but some changes to how I handled cheat days made them work fine. The first thing I tried was going grocery shopping on cheat day or the day after, so I couldn't use an empty kitchen as an excuse to cheat again. The other two rules kinda don't make it a true cheat day anymore, but still help. I only allow myself to buy foods that I have been actively craving that week, so I don't cheat just for the sake of cheating. And I still track on cheat day and aim for my calorie target, but I don't sweat it if I go ≤ 500 over. It's more of a day that I can eat any type of food, but not any quantity.
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    honestly, this is why I hate the cheat day concept - because for many people it ends up being more than one day

    Very much this. I don't believe in cheat days. If I want to go over my calories it has to be a conscious decision for me and I always, always, always log.
  • juantera
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    Thanks everyone. Def gonna keep get back on the band wagon. No more cheat days for me!
  • deannalfisher
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    if you want fun foods then plan ahead and work them into your daily calories - my diary is open, so you can see what i do - i have candy, donuts, etc - i just keep it within my goals
  • SR1986
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    It's happened to all of us. Bad food just tastes SO darn good! One thing I've realized in all my years of fitness and healthy eating is that you haven't indulge sometimes. If you don't eventually you'll derail yourself worse. 3 days isn't that bad. Just make up your mind to get back on track. And give yourself that one cheat meal a week. It's very helpful to indulge once a week I've found. It helps me stay focused and avoid temptation during the times I'm logging incessantly. I know "only 4 more days until my cheat, that muffin is mine on Saturday!"
  • cerise_noir
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    ^ dropping the good food/bad food mentality helps. Fit a little something you enjoy in your calories every day.
  • gracemaryx
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    Trust me, it's about consistency over a LONG period of time. Not every day or week needs to be perfect. I had a cheat 2 weeks last month with little to no exercise and eating close to 3000 calories a day. If you just keep going it'll balance out in the long run, I promise you that!
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    eat salad, whenever im craving something i create huge bowl of salad (cabbage and lettuce) sprinkle it with lemon juice and vinegar and craving will be gone, just make sure its a lot of salad