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    Long but worth a watch if you're interested in booty gains:

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    Booty gains come when the glutes are worked at different planes and hyperextended depending on your hip anatomy. Bret Contre..(whatever his last name is) is the best at booty building!! I use his glute workouts 4-5xs a week (w/bands & weights alternating).

    Something else I've learned for training glutes is that you have to do it a lot, they can take it. 3-5 days back to back then rest 2-3, and back at it. Also, mind to muscle connection is huge here, they need to fire off first before your hamstrings and quads. Close your eyes and squeeze! It's not cute but it works, especially during thrusts, glute bridges and fire hydrants.

    Edit: Also, food! Food is everything for those booty gains. Eat atleast at or above maintenance for muscle gains in general. <3
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    Donuts and potato chips and heavy squats
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    +5 on the muscle activation talk. On that point, I would also do just plain old squeezing of the glutes just to get your brain used to during those muscles during more complicated movements where you might be compensating by firing other muscles instead, like squats and deadlifts.
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    So many. Later on, on my page may upload exercises. Donkey kick back using the cable machine.
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    For squats is it best to do a wide stance or shoulder width?
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    For squats is it best to do a wide stance or shoulder width?

    Shoulder width. There are videos in here, I would highly encourage everyone to watch if they are newer to lifting.
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    psuLemon wrote: »
    Strong Curves by Brett Contreras

    StrongCurves is going to be the ideal choice and it's found in this link below. Also, there is a nutrition component that you need to get down as well, and hope that you genetics will allow for it. Additionally, you need adequate rest and recovery. Doing squats each day is not going to be beneficial.

    I would suggest bootiful beginnings if you're just starting. ;)

    It's the bodyweight beginning version of strong curves.
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    I follow Whitney Simmons on YouTube... it seems to help and motivate :)
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    Hip thrusts and glute bridges ...

    Weighted barbell glute bridge for the win!

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    Honestly squats is the way to go. But to physically grow a bigger booty. You have to eat more calories then you burn at least 2x a week and lift heavier. I'm putting together a current booty Program for my friends that are girls if you want it just let me know!
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    You have to eat more calories then you burn at least 2x a week

    Can you explain this bit for me?
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    There are a few ways to obtain that horse butt showing tye ins which will lead to a larger butt but legs need to match as well. People always say squats yes huge parts but sumo deads, stiff leg deadlifts done heavy will grow stubborn. Parts along with proportion lower body development. Diet is also key.
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    Personally I have found (in addition to squats) adding lunges, and incorporating hip thrusters into your workout can be beneficial. Either with using barbell, or you could grab an ez bar and do them. These both get my butt crazy sore.