100 plus pounds to lose.



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    Thank you Theo166 and Trismoo for your thoughts. I deal with diabetes when I'm overweight. When I drop 10 pounds my numbers are normal. My doc told me once "you're going to cure yourself". This was after the weight drop.

    I am leaning towards the mind of you both and the scripture "everything in moderation". (paraphrased) Especially for a month. I honestly think I've jerked my poor body around between low this and that until it doesn't know what to do.

    Thanks for your listening ear. It is so nice to be able to share without worrying my family all the time.
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    Hi! I have 100+ pounds to lose as well. Add me guys!
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    Oh, I'm definitely in the 100+ to lose category! I'm taking baby steps at the moment. I just surpassed 5% of my starting body weight, and I'm well on my way to 10%. I'm new to MFP, though - so how does someone add friends? When I click on the name under their pics, all I see are send a message or ignore.
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    [She's right you know. My diet is completely different, yet my dietian recomended i focus on protien. If it works dont fix it. When it stops working then look to tweak it. I had to have meat. No question so i changed it doing a modified Atkins after major set back (hurt knee doc gave hormone shot equaled 20 lbs and 2 sizes!). Starting over is tough but nessesary. Although i weigh in at a whapping 238, all my brothers are over 400lbs. Just can't go there even with damaged knees. 63 and counting never too late to start.quote="Saiosyn;38943668"]
    Saiosyn wrote: »
    I'm following this plan because it's worked before. Till I went through depression. I refused to eat anything and when I did it was the worst choices. Not only did it work for me, it's worked for several people I know. and the diet is 1500 calories or lower, which is actually quite a good amount. It just restricts how much of a certain group I can have. Sounds worse than it is, but it worked for me, friends, and family. I'm not stuck eating foods I don't like either. I love the food I make. The only difference between this and just calorie counting in general, is it focuses on the things your body needs over the whole food pyramid. Just limits them. Though I have added string cheese to the diet, it's helped when I wanted something cheesy. ^.^

    Ok, but you need a plan that you can follow when you are depressed, not just while everything in life is aligned (they almost never are). I even suspect following a restrictive diet contributes to bad mental health. Of course you'll make bad choices after you've deprived yourself. 1500 calories or lower is a good amount if it's right for you. You are bigger and need more food, and you can also lose at a very good rate wile eating more. Did you know that you can eat healthily even while counting calories, that the two aren't mutually exclusive? And that giving yourself freedom to make your own choices, based on your own needs and preferences, increases your willingness to eat less? And that when you count calories, and prelog, you have better control over the amount of cheese - and any other food - so that you more easily can stick to your allotted calories? Sticking to a calorie deficit is all you have to do to lose weight, but it's also something you have to do to lose weight. Eating less, day in and day out, for months, maybe years, is hard; if you want to succeed, you can't afford to make it harder than it has to be.

    Following any diet at the lvl of depression I was in, would be a miracle in itself. But I'm not here to talk about that. No need to be bashing on my choice of diet either. The whole point of this site is to support each other and record data to make like a bit easier. If my diet was failing me, of course I'd expect someone to change my mind or help me figure out a new plan. No offence to you and your opinions, but not everybody's diet has to be the same. As I stated before, this works for me. I don't eat a huge amount of food to begin with and I'm not depriving my body of anything nor am I starving myself. If I still felt hungry, sure I'd rethink my choices. And yes I complained about not eating as much dairy as I would like, but I ate an unhealthy amount of dairy. And I'm even adding in a few more dairy products to boost my cal intake if needed and curve my dairy cravings. All this diet does is make sure I'm eating correct food groups. While staying in 1500 cal limit, just as this site suggests I do to loose 2lb a week anyway. But thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas, perhaps if this diet fails me I'll switch things up a bit. [/quote]

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    My goal is 100lbs by this time next year. I've done 40-50 before, but I get to that place and all of the sudden start to feel complacent--not working out as much, eating horrible again. Next thing I know, I've gained it all back. This time I've hired a personal trainer and joined a gym with bootcamp type workouts. I'm loving it so far and can't wait to see my progress. My short-term goal is to lose 40-50lbs by the time i go to london at the very end of July!
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    Hello I'm Cindy and I was just diagnosed with diabetes. I'm 5'7 at 288lb. I need to loose 100lbs slowely but surely.
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    Add me if you want! I started my journey 44 days ago, I've lost 14 pounds, and have 112 more to lose! I like motivation, and MFP friends are the way to go! I added/had a bunch add me when I first started, but I've been noticing some drop off---already quitting their weight loss, at least on MFP. So i'm looking for some new friends so I keep my motivation up!
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    Would like to join the group. How do you do that? I want to lose about 100lb total no time limit.
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    My boyfriend and I are just starting out and we need to lose at least 100lbs as he is starting to have medical issues. I've trying dieting so many times before but always been afraid to put myself out there because I was worried about failing. This time I'd like to build some supports to help keep me motivated so please add me and I've joined the group.
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    Hello All! I am in the "need to lose 150+" group. Being obese all of my life I was put on my first diet at 8 years old. I have lost weight many times working with nutritionists, personal trainers, etc. but always put the weight back on. I have finally put mind to not "dieting" but making a major lifestyle change. I am going the low carb route and logging everything I eat down to a tic tac because everything counts. I'm down 5 lbs in 5 days and I know this is mainly water weight but a loss is a loss! I have a horrible sweet tooth so I am (trying to) cut out all sugars or sugar substitutes. I am cutting the sugar substitutes because although it curbs the sweet tooth for the moment it does not help get rid of the craving. I am on water and coffee (in the morning) and have done really well thus far. I am not missing the sugar because I am getting it in my fruits! I'm one of the few "lucky" morbidly obese people out there with no health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol so I consider myself very lucky. I just thought I would share a little of my self and am looking forward to being part of an encouraging group that can share our stories, goals and tips!
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    Welcome, Joy!

    Best wishes for success! I'm like you; I've been large pretty much my whole life, especially once I hit my teens. I'm 37 with a BMI over 50, and yet I just had all my bloodwork done and everything was great, so I too am one of those healthy fat people. But that doesn't mean it will stay that way as I start into my 40's, so I'm trying hard to get the extra weight off - to try to prevent possible future problems and because I AM having joint problems and really need to get the extra weight off my knees, hips, and back. And just because I am so very tired of being fat and ugly! I'd like for once in my life to look in a mirror and see someone attractive!
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    I have a total of 120 pounds to lose--I've lost about 15 in month since I started! I weigh in daily, check in throughout the day, and log every single thing that I eat and drink--even spices, meds, and supplements! I also have a habit of talking about what I'm making for dinner.

    Y'all are welcome to add me!
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    Hi, I am 223 lbs and I need to lose 70 lbs. My first goal is to lose 20lbs by June 2017. I am not a very active person but started treadmill 5 to 6 days a week for 70 mins (6km).
    I need support and someone to compete with. Please would someone want to join me?
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    Feel free to add me. Extra encouragement buddies are always helpful! I'm also on a 100 lbs weight loss journey. I'm down 14, so only 86 more to go! This year I'm taking my health back.
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    Hello I'm Cindy and I was just diagnosed with diabetes. I'm 5'7 at 288lb. I need to loose 100lbs slowely but surely.

    Hello! I too am learning to control my "sugar". We can do it!! :)
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    Need to lose as well! Feel free to add me !
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    I would say try substituting Dairy Milk for flavored almond milk! It tastes just as good and has less of the bad carcinogens. (Try Califa Farms they're carcinogen free). Also, try vegan cheese but if you can't give up cheese just yet try part skim cheese! I'm also on a journey to lose 100+lbs I've lost 60 but I screwed up and gained most of it back but I'm starting over! Here's to a healthy, happy, and long-lasting weight loss!
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    Add me if u like. I lost over 100lbs and have been mostly maintaining for the past few years. Set backs happen, life happens I'm still on track. Would love to offer support and encouragment to anyone who needs it!!
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    Feel free to add me as well. I need to lose over 100lbs myself. I found out I weighed 317 when I started and now I've lost 15lbs, so I'm slowly starting my journey as well. :)
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    I have a total of 100 pounds to lose! I am starting to really track what I eat and hoping to lose 50 by the end of the year! Would love some friends in the same situation to go on this journey together with!!! Send me a friend request and let's DO THIS!!!!