Anyone with before and after pics using IF or OMAD



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    I attribute the pound a day as water weight. I just started and I know thats to be expected. But I understand where you think its a crash diet. i havent weight myself the past days to know if I'm still losing but I feel sooo much better.. The first week I didnt have any energy but starting yesterday I woke up and had energy ALL day! Which is def worth only having OMAD... I use to be so tired all day then wide awake at night. Switching to OMAD was very easy for me also when I do eat, the food is out of this world good haha I enjoy my food better every bite is savored where as before Id shovel it into my mouth and not think about it again...idk it really isnt for everyone... But neither is monitoring everything that goes into your mouth and counting and adding and subtracting and going to the gym for hours on end... To each their own... So far I'm really enjoying this lifestyle... As for getting all your calories in one sitting cook using olive oil or other healthy high fats.. And if your still having trouble ooen your eating window more and snack on nuts or have some frozen yogurt etc.. You dont have to overeat...look for high calorie foods and snack till you reach your calories.... Or do what a lot of people on OMAD do and just dont track your calories...
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    Erotyka wrote: »
    Hey OP, as I said in your other OMAD thread - I don't believe it gives me any competitive edge to losing weight. I think I would have lost the same amount at the same intake but spread over separate meals. OMAD does prevent me from snacking though, and I enjoy it, so I stick with it. If it works for you, it works for you - as it does for me - but I'm not of the sincere belief that OMAD is any more competitive in terms of numbers compared to any other style of eating. I see people on my friends list at similar intakes, spreading over 3 meals, losing at a similar rate to myself.

    Since you asked for pictures... here's some. These are more 'progress' than before/after since I have a ways to go yet. Took me about 5 and a half months to lose that amount of weight. I don't have any full-length pictures of myself at my true highest weight but that's about as close as it gets.

    224lbs > 157lbs (I'm 5'3 - currently 151lbs (I just had an almighty water drop lol) - photo was taken end of Feb)
    (I lost over a foot on my hips, similar on my waist)

    Aaaand how the weight changed my face.

    As I said... I think if I had eaten 3 meals a day, equalling the same number of calories overall, I'd have still lost that weight. OMAD just helps to keep me on track, and I always tended to be an evening eater - it just condensed that and cut out the frills.

    You look GREAT!! Good job! One if my goals is to be at least 160 by sept. So thats about 50 lbs in almost 6 months. Hopefully I can get there... Do you restrict certain foods?? Workout??
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    I now stick to one mean per day - it works for me as I am easily tempted towards snacking once I start to eat so if I don't eat until dinner time then I've managed not to snack all day and I can have pretty much what I want for dinner within reason (I'm not talking a whole pizza and a tub of ice cream here, but a decent meal all the same).

    I can see that it wouldn't be ideal for everyone but I work from home so basically I get up, walk 20ft to my office and then sit on a chair for 6-8hrs so I'm not exactly exerting myself until I'm done with work. Before I switched to OMAD, if I had breakfast, I'd start feeling peckish after an hour or so and the downside of working from home is the kitchen is close to hand, so unless you have great willpower (I don't!) it's hard to keep telling yourself you aren't actually hungry, just craving.

    It's just another device to limit the number of calories going in but it works for me and my lifestyle and it would appear it works for others, which is great :)
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    You look GREAT!! Good job! One if my goals is to be at least 160 by sept. So thats about 50 lbs in almost 6 months. Hopefully I can get there... Do you restrict certain foods?? Workout??

    Thank you.

    I don't *actively* restrict certain foods on OMAD, however, I've been vegan 10 years, and that continues. I got up to 224lbs as a vegan so I wouldn't get too worried that X food will have X effect - it all applies in CICO. I tend to avoid stuff that's more calorie dense but low volume (potato chips were my former vice) as they meet my calorie needs but don't fill me up and I find myself hungry again in a few hours. That's it though. I am living evidence that you can eat a kilogram of mashed potato a day and still lose weight. (Don't do that every day, it ruins mashed potato & isn't exactly balanced)

    I work out sparingly, because I am a student and spend most of my time sobbing at my thesis. Whenever I do anything, it's brisk walking, angry jogging, or squats. Lots of damn squats.

    Side note: setting timed goals always worries me - not to sound like a killjoy. You're in this body for your whole life. As long as you're improving, what's the rush? I understand it can serve as a powerful motivational tool, but weight loss isn't linear - I wouldn't like to think of anyone pushing themselves in to dangerous practice to hit a goal, or being disappointed if it becomes unattainable.
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    maybe1pe wrote: »
    I have been doing IF (18:6 or 20:4) or OMAD for a couple years. I don't have any photos as I'm at work but I've lost 90lbs doing this.

    I still eat between 1400-1700 calories a day (still trying to lose about 50 lbs).

    It isn't for everyone but it works really well for me. It's seriously curbed my snacking. I don't just mindlessly eat anymore. It's also helped a ton with cravings, especially at that ToM.

    I work out fasted as well and I don't get the dizzy feeling. If I know I'm going for a particularly long workout I will make a protein shake to drink before hand but that's usually once or twice a week on the weekend when I go for 20+ mile walks. (Literally walk all day because I like to hike in the summer and like to be prepared for that)

    I've had friends and others on here tell me I'm going to starve myself but I'm not. I eat plenty and watch my macros as much as I can. This is just a more sustainable way of eating for me. I don't feel hungry during my fasting period actually. And I found with eating 3-5 smaller meals a day I was just always hungry and always thinking about food.

    It's honestly helped simplify my life. And has drastically changed my relationship with food.

    From the research I've been doing (trying to come at this armed with facts, partially from my own place of disbelief and also to help others understand what I'm doing and why and what's actually going on in the body during fasting) beyond what is actually HAPPENING in the body when you give it a rest from constant digestion *FASCINATING btw* MANY people report just what you've stated, a more healthy relationship with food, and cravings being reduced.

    I'm currently experimenting with the eat stop eat method. I'll eat normal today and after dinner I won't eat again until dinner tomorrow. Then I will eat normal the rest of the week. So a 20-24hr fast 1x per week. It's been amazing so far. I didn't get "hangry" as I expected. I was SUPER productive during the fast as well!
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    IF 18:6 - 9 weeks kj348dyaw9hz.png
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    IF 18:6 - 9 weeks kj348dyaw9hz.png

    You awesome! Keep up the good work! I couldnt give up carbs. I love them too much haha. But to those who can more power to you!
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    What is IF and the numbers you keep posting
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    ernyvonnr wrote: »
    What is IF and the numbers you keep posting

    IF is Intermittent Fasting. There are several methods that fall under the category. Many people just limit the hours in which they eat their calories. So a person doing 16:8 would eat 2,000 calories (or whatever calorie allotment they have set for themselves) during a set 8hr window of their choosing. They would then fast and drink water or 0 calorie beverages for 16hrs. For example, someone might fast from 5pm until 9am and then eat normally from 9a-5p. Or the window could be to eat from 12noon-8p and fast from 8p-12noon. A 20:4 approach would be fasting for 20hrs and eating for 4. Again, eating at a healthy number of calories.

    There's actually a ton of interesting research about how fasting affects insulin and the bodies metabolism. Fascinating if you ask me. (Botnthat you did
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    Ok it cut off my post! There were some smiley emoji's after that last phrase!! I promise I'm not being snarky!

    Alright, I'm not gonna retype the last few sentences because I haven't had luck with that in the past. The end :-)
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