Have you lost weight by ditching certain foods?



  • geebusuk
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    Yes, but mostly because I just ate too many calories of said food.
  • creepy_unicorn
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    Junk food in general for me. I seem to be an 'all or nothing' kind of girl, where junk is concerned. I am confident that I'll break out of this tendency though o:)
  • Silentpadna
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    Ditching a particular food, or foods, is not by itself a panacea. If doing that causes you to lose weight, that only means that you've created a necessary deficit to lose weight.

    Now for me, getting rid of regular soda (for the most part), which I was drinking the equivalent of about 6 cans per day, was a massively huge step. I would also actively look to eat foods that made the Coke taste even better - which only blew up my intake even more. It was very much like an addiction. I might drink a can of Coca Cola once or twice a week now, but after unlearning a bunch of crap, I am more in tune with CICO and I know when I can handle a treat now and then. It's freeing to know that I don't have to ditch a particular food if I am mindful of what goes in and what my calorie target is. I'm also aware enough to be very careful about the soda thing. It's always been the thing that, if I falter, I falter hard.

    Bottom line: whatever the mechanism is, you'll lose weight by creating a deficit. If you can't create a deficit without ditching a particular thing, then ditch that thing. Ultimately, however, it's just math. Energy supplied and energy consumed.
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    I have cut out a lot of refined carbs....not because of my weight loss program, but because I discovered they make me VERY sleepy. I have to be alert for my job as a nurse and discovered by accident that small meals of mostly protein and a bit of fat with a moderate amount of fresh produce does not cause post meal sleepiness.
  • RaphaBianchi
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    No, I haven't cut out any foods.
  • 3rdof7sisters
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    Nothing really, just stay within calorie budget, and portion size.
    I don't eat much fast food anymore. Once in a while Subway Veggie delite with no cheese, so I guess fast food is what I have cut, but mostly because of high sodium in fast food.
  • Harbin2017
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    Rice, bcs it's empty calories, white bread/flour, any kind of soda and fruit juices (i prefer coffee or whole fruit), any packaged pizza, peanut butter. I wished i could exclude sweets too.
  • ladyreva78
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    Sadly, I've had to ditch alcohol for health reason. I do miss that good glass of red wine with dinner on occasion, but it is what it is... no point in whining about it.

    Did it help my weight-loss? Maybe. I stopped before I joined MFP and I've been dry for nearly 1.5 years now. I did lose, but wasn't very successful at keeping those losses (with or without booze). It probably makes it easier to stick to my deficit since my 'one glass of wine' = 2-3 servings :tongue:

    Otherwise, there's foods I only have very rarely now (homemade Gorgonzola pizza for example) because those 800-900 cals per serving are pretty hard to fit in. I eat less pasta since my idea of a serving and the reality don't quite coincide, so again, I usually have a serving that satisfies me on days where I can fit it in.
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    I read an interesting article that said some people are moderators and some people are abstainers. Basically for people who are able to eat moderate amounts of foods they crave, it works best for them NOT to cut out any foods (unless medically necessary) because doing so could lead to binging. In people like me however, we tend to be pretty all or nothing when it comes to foods we crave. I know that if I have ONE bite of chocolate or cake or sweets, then I will end up eating as much as I possible can. I have tried many times to eat certain things in moderation, and it just does not work for me. The only way I can be successful is to cut out those particular junk foods completely. Sometimes I feel like I'll be ok if I let myself have some for Christmas or my birthday, and usually that leads to weeks of being off track because it is so hard for me to stop eating them again once I start. So yes, everyone will keep preaching moderation, but understand that if that does not work for you, you aren't alone.

    100% this. This describes me so well!
  • quiksylver296
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    Only the ones that weren't worth the delicious points (calories).
  • Traveler120
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    Less meat, eggs, butter, cheese, cooking oil, nuts.
  • SuzySunshine99
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    I cut out anything high calorie that I wasn't too crazy about in the first place. Pre-packaged baked goods, cream based soups and sauces, fast food, milk chocolate, etc. If I loved these things, I'd make them fit, but since they're just "meh", I cut them out.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    I ditched sugary drinks, candy and other sugary treats, and heavily refined grains. I went low CRAP. I ADDED lots of whole plant foods. I ADDED lots of nutrient dense foods. I try to focus on what I added rather than what I ditched.
  • fitmom4lifemfp
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    mymy1997 wrote: »
    Hello there, I hope you have a wonderful day. I have hypothyroidism and I have stopped eating bread since it makes me sluggish and I feel like passing out after indulging in carbohydrates. So have you cut out any foods from your diet and started noticing real results?

    Well, cutting out a specific food from your diet doesn't produce any results if you are still eating more than you burn. Cutting out *trigger* foods, foods that you KNOW you can't stop eating, will help you manage your calories more effectively.

    So in that vein, I abstain from buying potato chips. I can't stop eating the [email protected] things. So I don't buy them. One less thing I have to worry about resisting. ;)
  • __TMac__
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    I was trying to think of what I have specifically cut out, but everything falls more in line with the idea that I'm actively choosing not to have it. I'm allowed to, and I consider it, but ultimately choose not to.

    Except alcohol. Hubs and I were getting a little too habitual about our nightly booze, so we're conducting a "habit reset" experiment. No alcohol yet this year, but next month, we'll add it back at social events. I suspect it'll still be a rare occurrence because it sure has been nice to save all of my calories for food. :)
  • nichell88
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    Definitely sugary drinks. Sodas, juices, lemonade, iced teas, etc., that's been the main thing that Ive totally sacrificed from my diet. has definitely helped. I drink a lot of flavored water and protein drinks now
  • cerise_noir
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    That's not how weight loss works. Weight loss is all about calorie deficit.

    100lbs down by including sugar/carbs and fat in my diet.
  • cerise_noir
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    Harbin2017 wrote: »
    Rice, bcs it's empty calories, white bread/flour, any kind of soda and fruit juices (i prefer coffee or whole fruit), any packaged pizza, peanut butter. I wished i could exclude sweets too.

    Rice is absolutely not "empty calories"...it has essential vitamins, minerals and is a good source of carbohydrate.