Lose 5Lbs + in march 2017



  • Just_Kisha
    Just_Kisha Posts: 189 Member
    Starting weight: 374.0 lbs
    Current weight: 351.4 lbs (Feb. 25th)
    March goal: 340.0 lbs
    Ultimate goal: 180ish lbs

    I weigh in on Saturdays. (except 03/31)

    03/04: 348.3
    03/11: 345.2
    03/18: 343.7

    I can't believe I'm going to say this but I am disappointed in this weeks weigh in. I was happy to hit 30lbs down, but last night was my first binge since I started back in January. I know my weigh in would have been better if that hadn't happened last night. Back on track today though!

    You are doing awesome. Please enjoy yourself from time to time. I am not saying to throw away all of your good habits but enjoy your success. I have a piece a fudge every weigh in day and then get back on track.
  • MiamiSeoul
    MiamiSeoul Posts: 1,809 Member

    March Five# Challenge
    OSW: 233
    MFPSW 7/1/16: 223
    CW 2/28/16: 189.6
    GW 3/31/17: 184.6
    UGW#1: 160

    3/2: 190.6 (2nd hospitalization in 2 weeks)
    3/9: 190.6
    3/16: 184.6 (3rd hospitalization)
    3/23: 181.8 (3/24; not feeling well yesterday)
    3/30: x

    March Weight Loss: (-8.5) pounds
  • ShelleyElise
    ShelleyElise Posts: 33 Member
    Starting weight - 250
    Challenges starting weight (Dec 2016)- 215.8

    March starting weight - 206.6
    March goal - 201.6

    Ultimate goal - 165

    3rd: 207.2
    10th: 205.4 (-1.8)
    17th: 204.6 (-0.8)
    24th: 204.6 (0)
  • stationlouisa
    stationlouisa Posts: 150 Member
    Original starting weight - August 21st : 75kg -165lbs
    March Starting weight - 58kg - 127.8lbs
    March goal: 54kg - 119lbs
    Ultimate goal: 50kg - 110lbs

    Unfortunately last month was wasted didnt maintain the loss, have lost control of my eating and recording. Hopefully can get it back under control this month.

    4th :58.4kg/128.4lbs - :neutral: still going up, but at least my measurements are not.
    11th :55.8kg/122.7lbs - :smiley: finally, now to keep it going
    18th :55.9kg/122.98lbs -went away for weekend and didnt monitor what I ate. Not as bad as I expected.
    25th :55.4kg/ 121.88lbs - :smiley: better Have actually been jogging a bit this week, a first for me. :wink:
    31st :

    Total loss for March : 3kg - 6.6lb :smiley:
  • MissMaggieMuffin
    MissMaggieMuffin Posts: 444 Member
    Original SW: 206.8
    Weigh-in day is Saturday

    Challenge SW 2/25/17: 199.4

    3/5/17: 194.8
    3/11/17: 193.0
    3/18/17: 192.6
    3/25/17: 193.6

    This is the last weigh-in for me for March. Happy to have met my Challenge Goal because I weigh myself daily and this week was up and down and all over the place!

    Challenge Goal: 194
    Ultimate Goal: 170
  • ae92jay
    ae92jay Posts: 152 Member
    Starting weight : 165 lbs
    Current weight : 163 lbs
    March goal : 158 lbs
    Ultimate goal : 118 - 125 lbs

    3/5: 160 lbs (-3 lbs)
    3/12:160 lbs (0 lbs)
    3/19:160 lbs (0 lbs)
    3/26: 163 lbs (+3 lbs)

    Bad eating of junk food, fast food has caught up to me. I also made my return to the guy for the first time in over a month after being really sick.

    So a combination of eating, working out 6 days straight, and not drinking enough water has caused my increase in weight.

    Is this an excuse? No, just have to push harder at the gym, and somehow cut out junk food, and fast food. I still have 6 days left in March to lose weight!!