Need to loose over 100+ pounds could use some friends❤❤



  • punkrockgoth
    punkrockgoth Posts: 534 Member
    I still have about 115 to lose. Feel free to add me.
  • JoanneJosephsen
    JoanneJosephsen Posts: 31 Member
    It can be done! I have lost 300lbs feel free to add me =)
  • deedee2daxtreme
    deedee2daxtreme Posts: 17 Member
    Im always looking for new friends, please feel free to add me: deedee2daxtreme
  • king_laceyii
    king_laceyii Posts: 28 Member
    I'm trying to lose 140lbs this year. So far I have dropped 41 and have another 99 to go. You can do it just stay positive and keep working!
  • RickN9GSU
    RickN9GSU Posts: 47 Member
    I'm fairly new to the site. I've got a lot to use, also, and would love a new friend or dozen. :)
  • GettingHealthy4me17
    GettingHealthy4me17 Posts: 6 Member
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    your all more than welcome to add me, we got this :)<3
  • BestVersionOfMe301
    BestVersionOfMe301 Posts: 59 Member
    I'd love doing this with you guys. Feel free to add me! :smile: I'd love getting to know you all!
  • Sarasotan
    Sarasotan Posts: 1 Member
    I didn't have a huge amount of weight to lose, just about 16 pounds. I bought "Zero Sugar Diet" by David Zinczenko, and off the weight came. Virtually no sugar for two weeks (impossible to eliminate all sugar), then try to eat foods with more fiber grams than sugar grams. There's a huge amount of sugar in processed foods, so those are the ones to eliminate. It's not easy, but it works, and I found I lost my "sweet tooth" very quickly.
  • lanieluck
    lanieluck Posts: 5 Member
    Feel free to add me! I have a lot to lose as well and have only been on here for around 3 weeks. It's always nice to have motivation and encouragement! ☺
  • seika1385
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    I'd be happy to join your group! I too have struggled with weight all my 29 I told myself my gift to myself was to lose 100 lbs...I'm turning 32 this year and have gained
  • metamorphosis112
    metamorphosis112 Posts: 2 Member
    I also have over 100 to lose.
    About 12 days ago I decided to stop with the "diet" idea and just eat healthier.
    I eat protein fruits and veggies.... Cutting out processed carbs and added sugar and fried fats
    I've lost 9 lbs. Im ready to this and I need friends too
  • anna4anna
    anna4anna Posts: 123 Member
    Hey everyone, I am on the over 100 lbs to lose road as well. I've lost 71 lbs so far. I log on MFP daily and have an open diary for friends. I am always looking to share mutual support. Feel free to add me :)
  • MarriedchunkyK
    MarriedchunkyK Posts: 138 Member
    You can add me if you like!
  • Working_Hard4me
    Working_Hard4me Posts: 53 Member
    You can add me. I am also on the 100 pound journey. I am currently at 30lbs. lost since February 17th this year. The support here on MFP has been a huge part of the reason I am still here and losing. Anyone can feel free to add also.

    Nothing is impossible and we can all do it, we just need to be reminded often and this is the place for it. :smile:
  • beckey24
    beckey24 Posts: 170 Member
    I still have about 120 to go. Currently have lost almost 80. Would love to be of support.
  • the_fit_geek
    the_fit_geek Posts: 58 Member
    I'll add ya. You ca do anything if you put your mind to it. I'll help anyway I can
  • snb25
    snb25 Posts: 28 Member
    Well for starters good job on making the first steps to your weight loss.Ibe struggled with weight loss for over 7 years now.when I first started my journey I lost over 100 lbs.wasn't easy but I kept pushing myself to limits I didn't know I could reach.I gained a lot of it back due to pregnancy.trying to lose it again.I follow a pretty strict diet and exercise plan and I could definately give you some tips if your interested
  • fittmack
    fittmack Posts: 26 Member
    You can do it :)
  • TheJourneyToFabulous
    TheJourneyToFabulous Posts: 381 Member
    Hello, I'll happy be your friend or any one else's. I've actually found having friends on my feed and seeing their goals and achievements being met is such a boost. I am looking to lose over 100 as well
  • CommanderJiggles
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    Hello ^^ I'm on my way to losing 150lbs, I was already down 15 but I noticed it was stalling do to old habits coming back so I joined up. I'm alright with adding some friends B)