Beautiful Behaviors - April 2017



  • ParanormaLauren
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    @nickiphillips1 Oh my...our stories are so similar. A PE almost got me too. I'm often very angry at my body for breaking down on me. Resentful about how even making healthy changes is so complicated when you're on lifetime Coumadin and such. For sure, day by day and living with a fire inside is the only way to go.
  • ktfranke
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    Love the positive outlook & perspective on health! All the little changes - combined together - will begin to add up! And results will slowly come. I'm proud of you!
  • KimF0715
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    @nickiphillips1 Welcome! This is a great group...nurturing and positive!

    You are a warrior. That weight will come off if you stay consistent. Your nutrition is awesome!
  • aleahurst
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    Ahhhh. Time to get back to nutritious food and exercise! Today, for my diet vacation, I had a chocolate bar and a plate of French fries. Yum.

    My beautiful behavior for tomorrow will be to get back on my program and eat within my calorie range. Have a nice visit planned with my mom. For feeding the senses I plan to sit in a lawn chair and dig my toes into the weeds for at least 20 minutes.

    @jessiquoi - tell me a little more about this process you use for coaching by looking back at your life from your death bed. Or is that private information for your work? By the way, it sounds like you have pulled yourself up out of a deep rut! What could we do to assist you next time this happens? Good job on getting both you and John onto an evening of healthier choices!

    @fangcat623 - Glad to have you here! The black and white thinking you speak of is pretty common. What is uncommon is to realize when you have done it. That's some difficult internal heart work. Good for you. That's a win!

    @happysherri - I do remember now when you got on a rant about a forum.! Now, I know better what happens. Yeah, we can choose to compete with ourselves. We can agree to compete with each other. Uninvited competition leaves us feeling blindsided. Uninvited competition after we requested encouragement feels like being violated.

    @KimF0715 - okay, you and me. We need to regain our momentum. I've been on a plateau for 3 months. 216, 217, 215, 217, 217. Surely those numbers have been there long enough! I guess it is time to up the exercise? In baby steps then, how can we increase exercise by just a little, but just enough to make a difference? Jess? Any one else up for this? A three month wait is about to be over!

    @xxbrimstonexx - welcome! The body wash sounds lovely. Actually a spa sounds lovely.

    I'm out of wine and I am unlikely to buy it again for maybe a year.

    @ParanormaLauren - welcome! Sound like you've had some terrific Victories!

    @mcglothinm - it's good to see you back! Cutting down on soda is quite a feat. Good for you. It's okay to fall off the wagon. It's also okay to pull yourself up and get back to taking care of yourself.

    I'm now inspired to take a long warm shower, and snuggle into my favorite nightgown. I'm going to look back over my daily average of calories burned and see if I can increase that by even another one fifth of what I have been doing.

    Good work, all!

    We've got this.

  • jessiquoi
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    Good morning, all!

    Lea, if you send me your email, i will send you the exercise. I feel like i'm still pulling myself up, but i'm definitely got my head out of the crevice. i think that when i started this group, i started coming out of a 2 yr funk, and now i'm looking forward to getting my old self back, little by little. this has nothing to do with weight, either, or at least not too much. ;)

    hi, @nickiphillips1 and @ParanormaLauren, welcome!

    yesterday was my first full day of tracking in a while, and i am happy to report that i only went over calories by about 110. very good! i went upstairs at 7:30 to avoid eating more. that works for me.

    today i am working from home, and will focus on drinking more water. john finally convinced me to give up the bottled stuff and i am drinking our well water. it's treated, but not the reverse-osmosis thingy that drinking water gets. i'm managing, especially with a little lemon juice.

    Lea, i'm with you for pushing our way out of our plateaus! spring is in the air, let's get hopping! i've taken to youtube, finding interesting videos, and only doing 10 minutes of them. i figure if i do that i can build from there. let's see how that goes. the daily burn was a bust for me, i'm not getting my money worth and will cancel.

  • KimF0715
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    @aleahurst Momentum sounds good! I have made a vow to get my butt on the treadmill tonight for 30 minutes! I can do that!!!! Right? .....

    Let's hope my minions don't zap my energy completely today. LOL

    Have a good day, all !

  • happysherri
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    @jessiquoi - sounds like you are kicking booty and taking no prisoners! keep going. I also use YouTube a lot. Great work tracking, 110 -psft, that's nothing! Wonderful job
    @KimF0715 - get on that treadmill, girl, work it! lol
    @aleahurst - chocolate and french fries - did we just become best friends?! haha Keep planning your days for beautiful behaviors, moving more and I love the sitting in the lawn chair plan!!!
    @ktfranke - Yes, I believe that too. All the little changes add up to be big!
    @nickiphillips1 - Wowzers! Look at you! That's inspiring and I love your attitude. Keep on going.

    Update: My bf got to join me last night for over an hour of Chest work at the gym. This new program is brutal, I love it because I love pushing myself. Tonight is usually dinner with my son, but he has to work. So....... I am going to the gym to crush a Leg workout. Sad thing is that my bf has to work late, so I will be solo.

    Thought for the day: Good habits are as addictive as bad habits. ***I am addicted to improving myself in more ways than one. -Fitness -Peace -Being more positive -Inspiring others -Finding healthy delicious recipes -Strength -Making others laugh (I can be goofy) etc...
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    Just saw this thread. You guys are making me laugh and being positive. I love it.
  • aleahurst
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    Oh my! To get in my extra steps, I followed my mother all over WalMart! For the second day in a row. It's now 8:00 p.m. I can barely walk. She's almost 90, and I cannot keep up.

    @nickiphillips1 - that's quite a life story. Wow. Congratulations on being the overcomer that you are now! And welcome to this place.

    Okay. @KimF0715 and @jessiquoi - yeah I need some momentum. This plateau has got to go.

    Hi @happysherri !! We're going get addicted to something good.


    Love to all.

  • aleahurst
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    @ktfranke - I love what you said. You can say that to me everyday, and it would be okay!

    @rdevol - hello!

    @mary_clinton6 - isn't it great!. I love every one here.
  • jessiquoi
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    Good morning, all!

    last night I slipped a little, and today I'm back on track. I switched up my breakfast a little today, adding some protein and lowering the amount of carbs, and hope to find that it keeps me satisfied until lunch time. Honestly, eating carbs puts a smile on my face, and this morning (after breakfast) I'm not smiling so much. :) I need to get used to it, and I will work on that over the next bunch of days.

    I'm in the office today, very glad I made it through the week (I'm off on Fridays) without taking a sick day. Tomorrow morning I have my regular doctor's appointment (I go every 3 - 6 months), then yoga, then a hair cut, so it's all about me! Looking forward to this, even the dr.

    Kim, how did the treadmill go last night?

    Sherri, LOVE your thought for the day!

    welcome, @mary_clinton6, positivity is our goal.

    Lea, my mom can walk rings around me too! sigh.


  • daneejela
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    Hello all of you beautiful ladies :)

    I'll just stop to say hi and to support this topic :)

    I'am also an April newbie..after a year of gaining weight, I really hope that this year will be going down (the scale).

    Steps I have already taken:

    - I've eliminated most of the junk food (chips, sweets, cookies, cakes, chocolatte, icecreams etc..) - for now it was pretty easy, because I am not a bit junk food lover, but staying away from an icecream will be tough one when the summer hits :)
    - I've eliminated most of the snacking between meals

    Currently, I am working on cutting down my meal's serving sizes.
  • mcglothinm
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    Good morning all! The last couple days have been pretty good for me. I was a little over on calories for the one day, but its the first time I've logged everything for a few months, so that makes me happy! Baby steps!

    @HappySheri I love your thought for the day! You are so right! I used to be addicted to exercising, so I know I can get back there, its just the process.

    @jessiquoi Have you tried baked oatmeal for breakfast? It's my new best friend. It is fairly low in calories, has some protein, and tastes like oatmeal cookies. Sooo good!
  • WillLift4Tats
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    Hello lovelies!

    I think this thread is an amazing idea and I hope to come back and read new beautiful behaviors every day :)

    I'm 28 and at my highest weight ever :cold_sweat: BUT my mental health is at an all time best so I'm extremely happy and grateful about that. I struggle with depression and binge eating, but have spent the past year-ish working with my health professional team, my personal support team, and just little-old-me and I'm doing SO much better than I was 2 years ago. That being said, it's about time I try to expound upon that and work on my physical health as well.

    Last night I was allllll about pampering myself while my hubby was away at class. I did a hair treatment and a mint julep face masque (omg, this ish smells amazing!) while watching Parks and Rec. I stayed up wayyyy too late but it was nice me time :)

    I snacked a bit too much but I'm starting with a fresh slate today. Have a great Thursday all!! :blush:
  • happysherri
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    @mary_clinton6 - Welcome. This thread helps remind me to work at loving every day and every stage of my life.
    @aleahurst - haha Your mom sounds spunky, I love it. Great workout!
    @jessiquoi - I slipped too! I'm glad you have the right attitude to push on. Great plan, to get more protein and to take time for yourself. Enjoy
    @daneejela - Hey there! I'm sorry, are we twins?! My weakness is ice cream! I've been resorting to paying the high price for the Halo Top ice cream - look it up if you don't know about it (macronutrients on it is pretty good) Although I do love junk food too :wink: Your plan sounds great, keep going!
    @mcglothinm - Wonderful work! That's how it starts - logging. I went over yesterday but I still tracked it all. Logging makes me aware of what nutrients my body needs and how many calories are in what. Keep it up

    Update: OMG! Yesterday, my son had to work so I planned on going to the gym and ate throughout the day with that goal in mind. Before I leave work, my son texts me that his work cancelled (outdoors/weather). I went to dinner with my son and went over my calories! My son works 2 jobs and goes to school, I have to take every chance I have to see him and my daughter (they don't live with me and are busy). So today I'm back at it and I am going to the gym!!! (no one can stop me lol)
    Bio-Metric Screening results are in!!! I scored a 94 out of 100. I'm healthy, cholesterol and all. Yay, me, but I do work hard for those results!
    -A sad song came on, normally I change it to an upbeat one. I cried all the way home because it made me think of my mom (passed away 3 years ago). Usually I do not allow myself to cry, no sad movies, no sad songs, nothing to think that way but last night I allowed myself to get it out. I guess it was good, I'm fine now.

    Thought for the day: 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance My stages of getting ready for cardio! ***So friggin true! I dislike most cardio but I know it is beneficial. I would rather lift. I thought this was funny too. :smiley: Happy Thursday, we made it
  • str8bowbabe
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    Please count me in on this! I love the concept of this.
  • KimF0715
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    Good morning. Hoping today is better.

    @aleahurst It didn't. Was a bad night.

    Felt very dark and sad yesterday....let problems at home get the best of me.

    I had a binge (small for me) due to it. Stress, sadness and feeling overwhelmed. Feeling like no one cares.

    So, self care in the pooper. I have to get back on track today. I have to stop binge eating with stress. It's hard with no support. I'm married, but my husband doesn't know I'm alive for the most part. Unless it's when he needs me to be HIS parent, too....which is often. He is an excellent father and a hard worker, but there's nothing between us anymore after 15 years.

    So, he went out with the guys last night (just for a few hours, nothing major) and I was on my own with the kiddo. Dinner, dishes, packing lunches, helping with homework, feeding the cat, dealing with the adolescent turmoil of the tween....etc.

    Did I mention I am hosting Palm Sunday for 15 people?

    But I have to keep swimming....keep swimming....keep swimming....

  • jessiquoi
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    Kim, baby, we care. get that self care out of the pooper and love yourself as much as we love you! <3<3<3
  • wellthenwhat
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    Sounds like the thread I need. Trying to get a healthier mindset with food. I have a lot of trouble with munching and binging. If it's in my view, I want to eat it. I have to eat it. I want to be eating all the time. I'm not "happy" unless I'm eating something.