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    When i first started on here i thought weighing all of my food was obsessive, and I'd never be one of "those" people, plus i thought weighing everything would take soooo much time.... I was wrong on both counts.

    After a few months i relented and bought a food scale, this is the time that i finally started losing weight consistently because my food logging was actually accurate instead of guesstimates. When i go back and look at my diary when i first started here (pre food scale), i hang my head in shame. What i thought was Ace logging was so far off it's laughable!!

    You don't need to weigh your food forever, do it for as long as it takes to get a feel for the correct portion sizes. What you're doing now is NOT working for you, it's time to step up and knuckle down, it'll be worth it when you start losing weight, i promise :smile:


    Op until you start using a food scale then you have no idea how many calories you're actually intaking. If you're not losing though then you're not in the calorie deficit you think are, simple as that. Do yourself a favor and get a cheap digital scale.
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    Naturally. I've even taken my intake down to ensure any little sneaky over eats are actually accounted for. I'm well aware that I could be in a little denial so I've lowered my calorie goal to 1000 per day where as it was 1200. I'm also burning around 700 5x a week at the gym

    First of all why are you only eating 1000 calories? 1200 is the minimum for ladies. However, since from what I read you're not weighing your food you're probably eating more than a thousand calories. Secondly, what workout are you doing that you think you're burning 700 calories? That does sound like an overestimation.

    Personally, I think you're not progressing as you would like because you're probably not being accurate in your intake of food. You're eating more than you realize. If you don't have a food scale buy one, and start using it. This should help you out. If you input your information into MyFitnessPal eat the calories information provided to you.
    If you share your height and weight we may be able to help you out more as well.

    Congrats on quitting smoking as well.