Three more things.



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    I was gonna leave one LOL, but I follow rules sometimes.

    Still didn't answer my question.

    Some things make me laugh
    Some things crack me up
    Some things I find so funny that I have to laugh in threes.

    You're still a meanie.
    You're intentionally not answering my question.
    I need a red pen.

    I'm the meanest there is.
    You are correct.
    I understood that reference

    You kinda are.
    I know I am.
    I figured you would.
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    1. I had to leave the house really quick because I finally heard back from our oldest about her away game ending and that they'd be back soon.
    2. So, I'm sitting out here in the dark with only 2-3 other cars here at a high school in the middle of nowhere at midnight.
    3. Cop just pulls up and asks me what the heck is going on, and it's so dark that I can't find the button to my window and awkwardly scramble for a good 10 seconds before I just open the damn door. I'm sure he thought I was a kid out here up to no good at first until the door popped open...LOL.
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    1. It's 1:30am.
    2. I just created a magnificent work of art.
    3. It will never be truly appreciated.
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    I'm so not girly
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    Why do I even need sleep?
    My cheesecake was amazing
    Today ended up being pretty good
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    Sleep? Who needs sleep?
    Cheesecake sounds fantastic.
    Aside from taxes crap, my day was great, too! :)
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    1. I'm glad it's Friday
    2. And it's payday
    3. I hate adulting
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    1. Thank God for pay day
    2. All things considered I'm content with life right now
    3. That voice thread had taken over the world
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    Sometimes all you need to do is talk rationally
    Then things get explained and feelings start becoming unhurt
    Then all is right with the world

    WTF Mother Nature it's freaking April what's with the snow
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    1. I've lost another 10 pounds!
    2. That means it's time to color my hair again.
    3. Staying red, just a bolder red... And I'm excited.
  • synchkat
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    We're going to the zoo
    How about you
    You can come too....
  • Cerealsensei
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    1. This fiber one chewy bar I had was really good
    2. My legs are pretty sore
    3. It seems like Maryland is actually having spring this year. Last year we jumped straight to the ungodly heat of summer
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    1. Marcus Wareing is superior to MPW and Ramsay in terms of adaptation. A michelin quality chef is about progress. MPW is a legend and the original UK chef rebel but Ramsay is a sellout punk with no flavour adaptation since 1989 Aubergine was it? Anyhoo Marcus Wareing deserves far better regocnition and that 3rd Michelin Star is LONG overdue. Also the guy lives in this street and drops us off Eastern European sujuk (sp) like every morning! Christ that stuff is good.
    2. I love labradors. Possibly more than my own dachshunds but not enough to let them fight a duel to the DEATH
    3. I do not care about your virtue signalling. I have 3 weeks of progress to build up and then pooof - just like that - he was gone.
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    I'm gonna go skate soon
    Let's hope people show up since We need to recruit
    Anyone wanna skate?
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    1. Today is my half - birthday... 6 months from my birthday forward and back.
    2. I just finished my run... I ran for 3 minutes straight, twice. I never thought I'd be able to do that.
    3. Someone stopped in the middle of the road to watch me run and it kinda freaked me out a bit... but after a couple minutes they left. Weird.
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    I love grandbaby nights
    She wants to try jogging more
    We made it 2 blocks before she wore out
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    I made some beet slaw
    why does it have to have kale in it
    isn't kale weird
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    1. I got fun news today! (My daddy's proud of me and coming for a visit! So is my brother with his wife and my nephew!)
    2. I also got sad news today. (My grandpa isn't doing so well and if they can't figure out what to do, it could be a matter of weeks for him)
    3. Both were delivered in the same phone call and it messed with my head.