Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Ashkruze
    Ashkruze Posts: 10 Member
    I could definitely use more motivation!
    KGZABST Posts: 11 Member
    So late to the party and wondered why my only friend was my sister here
    KGZABST Posts: 11 Member
    I am down for more friends here. Add me so we can share this journey.
  • jordiblu
    jordiblu Posts: 145 Member
    sure add me- open diary
  • hemihanson
    hemihanson Posts: 1 Member
    Ad me if you want to. I am new to this and could use help
  • EdinTx
    EdinTx Posts: 87 Member
    Yay friends. :)
  • tbrad1991
    tbrad1991 Posts: 5 Member
    edited April 2017
    I'll take a couple friends! Let's reach our goals together! :smiley:
  • wilsokris
    wilsokris Posts: 98 Member
    Always up for new friends! Open diary and always motivating :)
  • dkreed07
    dkreed07 Posts: 18 Member
    Add me please
  • BroooklynZooo
    BroooklynZooo Posts: 12 Member
    Back to mfp after almost a year! Let's all kick *kitten* together
  • Bonedaddy1975
    Bonedaddy1975 Posts: 102 Member
    Hi always looking for more friends.
  • Sasha8a
    Sasha8a Posts: 6 Member
    Could always use some motivation and inspiration!!
  • BurnThosePretzels
    BurnThosePretzels Posts: 6 Member
    Hi! Just came home from an exchange semester. I need to burn the 7kg I got in Germany haha. No one in my family is on a diet, so I could really use some motivation and hopefully motivate you guys too!
  • wapan
    wapan Posts: 219 Member
    edited April 2017
    Been getting back to mfp and am definitely finding inspiration. I'm on here to lose ten pounds and find my way back to a body that doesn't make me cringe when I look in the mirror. Would love to add some more friends.
  • shyannene
    shyannene Posts: 13 Member
    I am back after a long absence and could use some more friends and support
  • LeslieCole34
    LeslieCole34 Posts: 1 Member
    I need more friends as I'm just starting
  • karyjimenez90
    karyjimenez90 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey I'm new here my name is Karina just started today! I am 23years 5'1 I currently weight 152 and my goal is 125, I am using Herbalife shakes and one meal a day and I burn around 500 calories a day my problem is staying motivated
  • juanwilly
    juanwilly Posts: 100 Member
    New to, me too!
  • Yokamoccha
    Yokamoccha Posts: 12 Member
    Hey everyone! Im not really new to this but stopped using it and now I'm back becasue I wanted to track my juicing journey. i started juicing yesterday and want to continue for a month straight. Feel free to add me!!
  • willstrip4food
    willstrip4food Posts: 9 Member
    Add me! Love the motivation and support