How Good Does Being "in shape" Taste/Feel

I have finally come to grips with the fact that in order to reach my goals, I'm going to need to let go of my obsession with donuts :'( . As I've said my last goodbye's recently, something Oprah Winfrey mentioned some years ago (early 2000's, i think) came to mind. She said something like "nothing tastes better than how being thin/in-shape feels" (loose paraphrase). Sheesh -- talk about blasphemy, right!

Now, as crazy as it seems, I'm entertaining the possibility of her being onto something. However, I can't think of many more things that trump how great glazed donuts taste IMO.

What's up with that?



  • SarahStarr86
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    I eat donuts and I lose weight. You can have both.

    Yep, me too! We have a Krispy Kreme up the street and once a month I go and get some doughnuts. I just make them fit into my day. I'm not at goal weight yet but for me, being at goal/in shape will feel and taste like being able to wear certain outfits with confidence, being able to wear a swimsuit without a cover up, just feeling the best about myself physically. I have a certain goal outfit that I always imagine myself wearing whenever I want to go raid the pantry, lol. Also, my husband and I have very active friends and I'm super competitive so I look forward to being able to keep up better on our hikes and I want to be able to crush them, or at least compete on our local Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course!
  • essexgirl1971
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    i love food, and crisps and sweets would be my downfall . but having lost 2st, half my goal weight i want to lose, i feel better. i prefer the taste of healthy food and it doesn't make me bloated or over full like unhealthy food does.
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    Good advice already given, but to go along with your theme and quote, OP, I'd say input your stats here, figure out how much you want to lose, what your daily calorie goal is, and learn how to weigh, measure, and log your intake accurately and get a "taste" of success. When you lose that first 5 lbs (or whatever your first goal is) you'll see if that quote fits you or not.

    Yes, you can still eat yummy food and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so I think if you really commit to it and see that you can eat all things in moderation you'll feel so much better, both physically and mentally. Doesn't hurt to try, right?
  • jusjoking
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    how does it feel?? An interesting question because some people have NEVER "been in shape"...or like me havent been in shape for many years

    So this might be one instance where its ok to fantasize about how it will feel lol

    I started letting myself go in my 20s and have been fat/chubby/smooth pretty much ever since. Ill be 50 in 2 months and I am in my worst shape ever. Grotesque and unhealthy feeling

    back in 2003 I got a wild hair and lost down to about 189 I think (before they took ephedra drinks off the market lol). That would be the closest I have been to experiencing "what it feels like"

    It felt nice and I got some compliments and questions etc etc. I got a few weird looks and some "are you ok?" .... "are you healthy?" lol. Pretty crazy because 189 at 5'8" isnt exactly anorexic but I have broad shoulders etc so i carry weight decently

    other than that one brief time period id have to look all the way back to my late teens up to maybe 21 years old. But at that time YOU DONT KNOW HOW IT FEELS.....because you are young and have never felt anything different lol

    So for me im pretty much shooting in the dark as to how it will feel and look etc.

    So as I said it may take a little bit of creative fantasizing how good it will feel etc. that nice mental and emotional picture should help pull me forward towards that goal

    One thing for sure, being fat and tired all the time isnt hitting on much lol

    Cheers, JonJon
  • gamerbabe14
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    I do use that quote as inspiration but only when I know I want to eat just because I am bored and feel like over indulging. It reminds me that eating when I am not hungry is really pointless and doesn't make me happy.
  • Tacklewasher
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    storyjorie wrote: »
    I think a splurge tastes better when you've earned it through hard work--that means NOT eating a donut most of the time, then really enjoying every bite every once in a while, and working hard with your exercise and diet the rest of the time. You can really savor every bite when it's a special occasion.

    What I'm finding (and I'm not sure this is what you are saying) is that the treat for me is more of a general "I'm doing pretty good" than a "hey I ran 5K, I deserve it" type thing. I've been losing pretty good so I'm not going to blow it, but I did have an obscene hot dog last week.