5'6 girls, whats your size and weight?



  • callmestephanie
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    I'm 5'6" and between a 18 and 20 (some 18s fit, some I have to wear 20). My shirts are XL or XXL but I'm breast feeding and my boobs are huge (40DDD). I am hovering around 248 lbs right now.
  • Ldrogers85
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    5'6"ish, 144, a medium up top and a 8/10 on the bottom. I'm all thighs and booty. Working to trim them down and hopefully pull a little more off my hips and arms. Of course, though, the boobs are the first to go :/
  • Koldnomore
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    Check out this website. It has a ton of photos of real unphotoshopped women and their height, weight, age, size, etc . . .


    Hmm, I look nothing like those women. I hate being oddly shaped. I'm currently 143 ish in size 6/8 bottom, s/m top. Most of my fat is in my gut still.
  • Squamation
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    I have to ask what brand some of you ladies wear. I'm 5'6" 143 and wear a 9 jeans, 8 dress pants, medium or large top (depending on brand). I'm amazed when I see someone with the same height and weight saying they were a 4 jeans.

    It's all about body composition.

    Current weight: 125 US pant size 3 (I wear Jr sizes as Women's wear does not fit me right), shirt Small

    Previous weight: 129 US pant size 3, shirt Small

    Weight before that: 130 US pant size 8, shirt size Medium or Large
  • skippygirlsmom
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    although brand plays a big role, especially in different areas of the world, so does body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. a runner, a couch potato, and a body builder all with the same height and weight will not wear the same sized clothing, no matter what brand.
    *but since you asked, and i'm 2 lbs less than you, i wear a 4 in Old Navy, New York & Company, Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor, etc. and 5 in most junior brands, albeit with little room in the thighs.

    ***Edited because I can't seem to spell anymore...

    Thanks for the reply. I agree on the body type definitely. The brands make a big difference too. So I'm stopping at Old Navy on the way home LOL
  • JlovesAB
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    5'6", 162lbs and a UK size 12-14/M-L
  • hei_ma_ma
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    I'm 66.5 inches tall and weigh 141 lbs right now. Most of my pants are US size 6, though they are getting loose enough I may have to buy replacement pants in US size 4 (yay!). On top I wear small or medium depending on the brand and style. I have longish arms and torso and a pear shape.
  • Zovesta
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    5'6", 163lbs, US size 12 in tops and bottoms. Want to get down to 130lbs, figure I'd be about a size 6 or 8 there.
  • annasteff96
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    Hello everyone! I'm a little taller than 5' 6" but I weight 158 and I'm currently a US size 8/10 depending on the brand of pants/dress. I usually wear a medium top as well.
  • FitOldMomma
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    5' 6" and 152 pounds. Size Medium in tops and dresses, size 10 in most pants.
  • FoxyMars25
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    I am 5'6.5" and currently weigh 159.5. I have a hard time with pants because my thighs are thicker and my waist is pretty small. The best jeans I can find are junior size 7 (from Kohl's, women's size 6 at Express) with a little stretch in them so they can stretch over my thighs and fit correctly in my waist lol. For dress pants, I wear an 8 right now but they are big in my butt and waist. Dresses depend on how they fit, if they fit in the waist and flare out, I can wear a 6 or sometimes even a 4. If they are more fitted in hip, I need an 8. The majority of my clothes which consist of mostly tops because jeans/pants are so hard to find, are from Express and I wear a small. I gained some "relationship" weight over the last 3 years but now that the relationship is over, I am losing weight again, When I weighed around 145, I wore size 4's for the most part and x-small tops. At my heaviest, which was 211 lbs, I wore 14's and large tops.
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    205 - 14/16
  • briohne128
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    I'm 5ft 6, 22 years old, I weigh approx 127 pounds and I am US 6 UK 8.
  • crazyycatlady1
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    126lbs/size 4 jeans, small tops and dresses
  • tagenririe
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    I am 125 pounds and have a very small frame. I don't fit into the juniors or womens clothing yet and wear a 14 in kids.
  • fitoverfortymom
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    I'm 5'6", 42, and weigh 170 (with a GW of 150). I'm hanging out between a 12-14 bottom and size L top (except places with crazy vanity sizes where I'm a M).

    I'm guessing when I reach goal, I'll be a size 8-10 on bottom and a solid M on top which is A-OK with me. :)
  • LaReinaDeCorazones
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    5'5 and 246.8 wear US 18 in pants and L/XL in pants. Oddly enough, when I weighed this much 6 years ago I wore 22/24.
  • whitpauly
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    I'm amazed by these sizes too,I'm 5'6 140 goal 135 and my pants 11/12(US) I must be more bottom heavy than I thought
  • LonniJay
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    I'm 5'6" currently 218.2 lbs. Just got into my size US 16 pants this weeks after finally getting into size 18 last week. Starting weight was 256 lbs US size 20/22. I'm an hourglass with big hips and chest and small waist. My goal weight is between 135 - 140 lbs.

    If anyone with similar stats wants to add me, feel free.
  • LynnJ9
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    I am also 5' 6" and 55 years old. I weigh 159 lbs. I finally fit into medium tops and size 10 pants. It is amazing how many who are the same height and weight wear size 8. I don't think I will be able to fit into a size 8 until I weigh less than 150.