B&A pics 101lbs down and a R rated NSV

buckeyebuc Posts: 35 Member
I started my LSC on Oct. 8th 2010 @ 323lbs. This pic is at my oldest sons graduation in June 2010.


This is today at 222.


As for the R rated NSV, After doing the horizontal mambo with the wife. She made the statement, "Wow baby did you get an implant or something cuz WOW"


  • Kelly_Wilson1990
    Kelly_Wilson1990 Posts: 3,245 Member
    LOL, on the X-rated NSV. You have done a fantastic job!! Congratulations, you look great!
  • jessilee119
    jessilee119 Posts: 444 Member

    Great job on your weight loss!!
  • lindsey_mickeyd
    lindsey_mickeyd Posts: 101 Member
    Probably a stupid question but...what does NSV mean??
  • trish858
    trish858 Posts: 9
    That's funny! congratulations. You look great;)
  • Probably a stupid question but...what does NSV mean??
    Non-Scale Victory

    And to the OP, congrats!!! Love the R-Rated NSV. :D
  • ItsTerriC
    ItsTerriC Posts: 436 Member
    Amazing transformation! I know you (and your wife) are going to love the new you!
  • LJCDuke11
    LJCDuke11 Posts: 103 Member
    NICE!!! LOL!!! beneficiall in ALL AREAS!!! lol I have to show my husband this!!
  • blueeyedtraveler
    blueeyedtraveler Posts: 209 Member
    :laugh: on the R rating...that's a way to boost a man's ego!

    On the LSC, congratulations on such a tremendous transformation! Continued success to you!
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 33,504 Member
    Probably a stupid question but...what does NSV mean??

    Non Scale Victory.

    And you look fantastic!!

    Being in shape is great for the libido. :wink:
  • dnlg18652
    dnlg18652 Posts: 27
    That is awsome!!! congrats...maybe the - mamba will help keep the weight off.
  • AmyByExample
    AmyByExample Posts: 422 Member
    Yay for you - yay for wife! :) Great work!
  • mmlovers90
    mmlovers90 Posts: 21
    Wow! Conrats! Great job and you look great! Good job on the NSV too! :wink:
  • Icedgems11
    Icedgems11 Posts: 20
    Absolutely amazing!! Well done :)
  • ladyluck4210
    ladyluck4210 Posts: 107 Member
    This is awesome! You should be so proud!
  • melsinct
    melsinct Posts: 3,512 Member
    You look great!
  • beckyinma
    beckyinma Posts: 1,433 Member
    Awesome and AWESOME!!!
  • melvac
    melvac Posts: 333 Member
    You look fantastic!! I am sure you feel great too. You have to be so proud of yourself. However you did it you have the tool now to do whatever you want to do. Again congratulations !!!:flowerforyou:
  • Kitty412
    Kitty412 Posts: 152
    Congratulations! You look great.
  • crazycat59
    crazycat59 Posts: 165 Member
    Good job! I'm sure your wife is thanking you too! :blushing:
  • LoveMy3Boys
    LoveMy3Boys Posts: 562 Member
    LMAO! R rated **chucklin** That is for sure an NSV

    But, you look fantastic!!!!
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