Do you drink protein shakes if you're getting enough protein from food?



  • DJDBB1994
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    Food, in most cases, is going to contain a lot more nutrients than a shake which has the priority of just supplying protein (and not much else). I'm jealous, I get 50g of protein a day through shakes because I struggle getting to my goal with just food :neutral:
  • domeofstars
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    I do because I love the taste of my protein powder. I have Titan Chocolate Peanut butter and I mix with skim milk. However if I didn't like the taste and I was getting enough protein from other foods, I wouldn't bother.
  • Penthesilea514
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    I will add a little vanilla protein powder to oatmeal in the morning when I need a little extra protein- usually just half a scoop. I get a lot of protein from my meals for the day (usually) so I use it as a supplement.
  • inertiastrength
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  • Golbat
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    I drink shakes and like them, but I would not be OK with someone hassling me to buy something from them. Tell the friend to back off. If you don't want shakes, you don't have to have them, and they are not necessary for losing weight.
  • landshark28
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    No need
  • cookielover_96
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    Not a necessity, but I do drink it on the days where I'm feeling low on it.