calorie counting or Weight watchers.

What is everyone thoughts about Weight Watchers? I need a change to get remotivated? I have fallen back into old habits and have gained almost 20#s back. I'm still down 20 but afraid of the path I'm going back down. I have been calorie counting for 2 years and have done very well with it except the last 6-9 months. I've lost weight 40# doing weight watchers in the past but gained it back after learning how to cheat the program. Some feed back or thoughts on programs, What's worked and what hasn't, and how do I get back to where I need to be mentally would GREATLY be appreciated.


  • estherdragonbat
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    I've done earlier incarnations of Weight Watchers. The last time was about 5 years ago. I found that the program worked for me then, but based on what I've seen others post in these forums it probably wouldn't now. (When I was on the program, the points were more closely tied to calorie values. Now, it seems like they are attaching higher point values to foods they consider unhealthy, even if the calories are the same as foods they consider healthy.)

    More to the point, I'm unemployed and don't want to pay for the program. MFP is free and working for me. And I'm rarely hungry and the weight is coming off.
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    Both plans work. I've lost most of my 71 lbs on WW . I switched to MFP initially for financial reasons ( I'm a free Lifetime member at goal now), but now I find the current Points system meaningless. With calories I can better see how my food choices and exercise impacts my weight.

    But in your case, if you don't address the issues that are causing you to regain your weight, neither plan will be successful. Decide what will work best for you and your needs, and go from there.
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    I used to use the free online WW calculators and follow the plan freely...I had lost 40lbs after baby #1, then after babies #2 &3 I've counted calories and have similar success. WW was good for me as it was less of a trigger for me to under eat (I never wanted to come under my points) calorie counting can be a trigger (former ED) so I'm much more inclined to come under my calories (it's mental).

    Either way I've had success with both lifestyles/program types, they both worked as quickly for the weight to come off. Whatever you will stick to is what I recommend :)
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    You can do it!
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    I, too, have done WW and been very successful. But it was too difficult to get to the meetings with full time work and other obligations. Then I tried on-line and felt I was just paying money for use of the phone app.

    Weight Watchers new point system does force you into making healthier choices. But it is definitely not intuitive and I feel like it gets you in the mindset to try to "cheat the system".

    Let's face it, if you have a weight issue, you most likely have some degree of obsession about food. I find I think less about food with MFP than WW because it is more transparent - Calories consumed & calories burned. No food calculator needed.

    Good luck -you got this!
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    Just come up with a plan and stick with it both work - it all takes time
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    I tried WW for a month because a friend wanted me to join with her. I thought that paying would help keep me accountable. I was accountable. I did not go over my points (dailies and weeklies) once. I always had extra weeklies and did not touch my activity points. I lost 7 lbs the first two weeks. Then I gained 4 of them back and stayed there. 3 lbs in one month is an ok loss, I will take it, but I was miserable. Plus, I don't trust the point system. For example, I can eat 2 bananas and it could be about 180 calories. That is 0pts. for the bananas. I can eat one of my breakfast bars (180 calories) and it is 8pts! I just cannot wrap my head around how that works! I could actually gain weight if all I ate all day was bananas , but still have used 0 points!
  • al_schwing
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    Im a current lifetime member with wws that was trying to get back to my lifetime goal. I had huge success with their past programs . but since their switch to the smart points plan, ive struggled non stop. I had been on it for 6 months and hardly lost anything with activity and following my points. So I decided to switch and try MFP for awhile and so far it seems to be working for me. I am 5'5" and not anywhere near my goal so I should of been losing on the new ww plan. But for some people the new plan was working great for them, just not for me. My body was not responding to that program.
    Good luck with what ever you decide!
  • SarahLascelles1
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    I've just cancelled my subscription. Worked fine for me, it was useful to have a tracker I'd paid for as motivation, but I was ready to be self motivated on a free tracker
  • Tried30UserNames
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    I think WW used to be great. I'd still recommend meetings for support and accountability, but if you want to follow their new program, please log calories, too. It's now fat phobic so you may find yourself over Points while eating only 800 or 1000 calories. It's dangerously unhealthy now.
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    I'm in the same boat your in. I was on a 78pd weight loss challenge last year and I met the challenge. It was what "challenged" me to succeed. After I hit the goal....I stopped loosing. I have yet to find anything at the present time to challenge me back into the mind-set to loose. Meanwhile I've gained 10pds back.

    I just can't seem to get my mojo back.
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    I lost 60 pounds last year using WW Smart Points. Loved it! I am in month 6 of maintenance, but struggling to maintain (not because of the program).
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    I lost my weight with Weightwatchers. I really enjoyed the plan. I've come back to calorie counting to maintain tho.
  • MiniMexxxxx
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    I think WW used to be great. I'd still recommend meetings for support and accountability, but if you want to follow their new program, please log calories, too. It's now fat phobic so you may find yourself over Points while eating only 800 or 1000 calories. It's dangerously unhealthy now.

    I counted calories at the same time for a bit and was on 30 points. Mine always came out around 1300/1400 calories a day.

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    I used to love WW and have had success with it, but like you, started to find myself cheating the program and gaining a bit of weight, so I decided to quit it and go back to counting calories. Logging food and exercise is pretty much the same with both programs but, in a way, counting cals forces more honesty because there's just no way to cheat numbers and macros. You look at those numbers and face the music.
    I'm new to MFP (formerly a user) and hoping tI can stay motivated . . .