Post here if you want more friends!



  • dubble818
    dubble818 Posts: 132 Member
    Add me to your cheering section
  • Loveslupins
    Loveslupins Posts: 67 Member
    Me! I keep my diary open and (usually
  • wilsokris
    wilsokris Posts: 98 Member
    Always looking for more motivation and support! I've been on MFP for over 400+ days but just recently jumped on the KETO train and seeing good results.
    Feel free to add me ;)
  • shellifish7295
    shellifish7295 Posts: 50 Member
    I'm always looking for more motivational friends! I have 50-60 lbs to loose and can never seem to get past the 12lb mark. Feel free to add me my food diary is open to my friends and I will try to motivate you the best I can.
  • michelle_k_314
    michelle_k_314 Posts: 15 Member
    I'd love some serious accountability partners!!! I have about 40lbs to lose and eating is my biggest struggle.
  • CWynne3
    CWynne3 Posts: 116 Member
    I LOVE frieeeennnndddsss! I'm down 12lbs and at least 100 more to go. Feel free to add me and I'll do my best to encourage you on your journey!
  • jordiblu
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    Add me
  • bdbunn
    bdbunn Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone! Hopefully you all are having a great day/night! Let's be healthy together !
  • ElishaLovely
    ElishaLovely Posts: 14 Member
    Hey ^_^ I'm restarting my fitness journey, using food tracking and Strong Curves! Add me if you'd like to be friends! :)
  • jessica_jcp
    jessica_jcp Posts: 4 Member
    Feel free to add me :)
  • loudiamond0918
    loudiamond0918 Posts: 9 Member
    I'm also hoping to meet new people
  • dawnroberts3186
    dawnroberts3186 Posts: 1 Member
    Feel free to add me I'm on a low carb high protein diet and I've lost 2st 4llbs since 10th of January
  • Jakeemblem123
    Jakeemblem123 Posts: 20 Member
    I would love friends pleases to keep me motivated & also support others I have a long journey to go almost 6st to lose so would appreciate all help thanks guys

    J x

  • ParadigmShifter
    ParadigmShifter Posts: 289 Member
    Plenty of friends in my life but not enough of them that are into health and fitness. If you add me to your friend's list, you have to say something funny in your FR...or at least try to be funny. That's the new MFP rule...that started today
  • JeffreyOC
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    I'm always looking for new people to help motivate. Feel free to add :)
  • sqwelchy_2007
    sqwelchy_2007 Posts: 12 Member
    Feel free to add me.
    First time on here, 34yrs old weighing in at 16 stone 2. 6"2 and on a 39-39-22 ratio diet plan which I'm finding very hard to keep to. Being a chef I'm always picking
  • janeholland2008
    janeholland2008 Posts: 15 Member
    Hi, A 52-year-old here who wishes she had done something about her weight many moons ago. Been at slimming world since January this year and am 37lbs down so far but still have 100lbs to go! Started using MFP 16 days ago and loving it. it is so much better than SW site for logging food intake. I cook every meal from fresh ingredients so being able to input the recipe in MFP and have the calories worked out is an absolute blessing. I need all the motivation and help I can get so would love new friends to help me achieve a UK Size 14 by November (currently Uk18). Good luck to all on your journey
  • viktorija32
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    Hi I am looking for friends too. Please feel free to add me too.
  • jpoehls9025
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    Add me.
  • _elsie
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    Add me if you'd like ♥️