Frustrated gain despite effort



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    Set yourself to sedentary if you're also using your fitbit, you're double dipping extra calories burned.
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    Maybe your fitbit is giving you too much credit? Try eating back only half of your exercise cals. But I agree. Likely water weight from the pulled muscle and the excess sodium. Do you use a trend app like Libra or Happy Scale? After using Libra for awhile, I can almost always guess what my weight is going to be based off of the day before, and it helps to see that those blips are just that - blips. I also found that the more I lost, the more variation there was. Yes, for the first 45lbs you've been on a steady down trend. That may not be the case now that you're getting closer to goal.

    Edit to clarify exercise calorie comment.
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    Thanks guys. I have been so excited to be so close to my 50lb loss. This is just annoying !

    Don't lose sight of the long term goal. My weight fluctuates ~5 lbs throughout the day. What matters is the long term trend of weight loss towards your end goal. You switched from one plan to another, so there are bound to be a few learning curves and failures on the way. What is important is that you learn from these moments.

    Keep up the great work! Tighten up on your logging, look for those higher calorie entries and ensure you are weighing these items out. Ensure you aren't underestimating your calories in and/or overestimating your calories out.

    Think marathon, not sprint.
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    I have been on weight watchers and lost 45 pounds in past 8 months. I was getting tired of points so switched to try my fitness pal. This was my first week on it.

    My daily goal was set for 1360 as i chose lightly active. I earned extra calories by doing lots of hilly walking and it registered on my fitbit.
    With the fitbit info i had a calorie deficit this week of almost 2lbs. My weight actually was down for several days then all of a sudden i shot up 2lbs in a 24 hour period. This was the day after i did eat too much sodium...1300 over my daily limit.
    I also have a pulled upper back so muscles really tight.
    I was hoping it was sodium and the muscle pain but its so fricken frustrating.
    I have been losing weight for past 8 months . This is out of my norm to shoot up 2lbs.
    Yes i weighed and measured and tracked everything that went in my mouth.

    Have you been logging your fruit and vegetables? Use a food scale for everything that isn't a liquid (and used cups/spoons for liquids)?
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    Sooo frustrated.
    I just had a week where I sveraged 1700 calories a day. I had a week calorie decicit of just shy of 7000. I did walking and went for a hike. I had really good activity the past week.

    I ended up gaining well over a pound instead of losing.

    It just makes me feel like my efforts are for nothing so now this week i have lost energy and umph.

    I just read an article on this, it's normal! As you work your muscles out more regularly especially if you weren't working out normally your muscles store water as they build for fuel. But keep it going do no stop or give up, because off you're counting your calories and staying on your mark along with working out; you are burning fat! Keep going give it 2 to 3 weeks for your muscles to know this is really happening. Then they will excrete the water and your weight will drop, reflecting the fat lost. Just remember keep measuring yourself so you can know it's changing in inches, when you don't see the change on the scales. Good luck... Don't give up! You got this!
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    It's almost 100% likely it was sodium. I have lost 5lbs overnight after gaining it on an especially high sodium day. This is completely normal and will happen often. No need to worry.
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    Don't worry about that pound. I have been really great with calories the past week, yet I randomly went up 2lbs one day, and lost them the next day. Our bodies are strange beasts ;) just keep at it and you will see an improvement.