My unique journey (w/ pics)

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After months of exploring these forums and learning about other people's stories, I've cometo find that my story is a bit different. I was not always overweight. I do not have a history of yoyo-ing. I have, however, always struggled to have a positive body image. I was trim and fit most of my adult life, but I was never satisfied. Then over the course of the past 2-3 years, I got stuck in a vicious cycle of depression, low self esteem, overeating, and inactivity. I gained ~50lbs. and completely lost myself and my identity. I'd always been athletic, I'd always been fit, and now here I was, overweight and disgusting (that's how I saw it). It wasn't until my best friend reminded me that I can still do things that I enjoy that it crossed my mind that I didn't have to remain in this funk forever. I got back to coaching cheerleading, got back in the gym, and became mindful of what I was eating. I've developed a passion for fitness and become super educated about my body and nutrition. I still have growth the experience, but I'm proud of my progress. I've lost the 50lbs I gained and developed an appreciation of myself that I've never experienced before. dz4ehidxbfn0.jpg


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    I agree please tell how much u lost , ur body transformed tremendously in a matter of months, WAY TO GO!!!
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    Wow you look amazing!!
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    That is an amazing comeback!! Congrats on the weight loss and for getting through all of those mental barriers.
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    You are tremendous!!!
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    Superb job!!!
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    The BEST part of your transformation is the mental aspect. Congrats!
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    Congrats on your success
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    Love it! I love the balanced approach.
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    wow that's amazing congrats
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    congrats!!! you look great!
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    You look absolutely amazing!! What a transformation, an inspiration!
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    Good for you!! You look even better than you did in 2008 and most importantly you look HAPPIER!!! Way to go girl!
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    My goodness, you look absolutely amazing. I want to have a body like that! :) This has definitely spurred me on. Well done.
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    Thanks everyone
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    You look absolutely amazing! You have inspired me to kick my workouts back into high gear!
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    You look totally awesome girl!!!! Keep up the great work!!!
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    You seriously look amazing! Great work!!
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    Whoop Whoop! Girl got some ab definition goin on!