Tuna salad

Taryan23 Posts: 76 Member
Anyone know of any substitutes to use for tuna salad other than mayo that's tasty?


  • bbell1985
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  • Evamutt
    Evamutt Posts: 2,086 Member
    I use lite best foods mayo, it tastes almost as good as the regular
  • LovesDogsAndBooks
    LovesDogsAndBooks Posts: 190 Member
    sour cream, dijon mustard
  • dklibert
    dklibert Posts: 1,196 Member
    Try Italian or Ceviche style. Skinnytaste tuna ceviche is really good! I really like tuna mixed with tomato and Italian flavors too. Very good!

  • Queenmunchy
    Queenmunchy Posts: 3,380 Member
    Lawry's lemon pepper marinade.
  • SVeit28
    SVeit28 Posts: 3 Member
    Light mayo is ok in moderation, mix with tuna or chicken and dill relish for very easy tuna or chicken salad...then add your fancy (nuts, raisins) or eat plain. Pretty good!
  • Taryan23
    Taryan23 Posts: 76 Member
    Thanks guys, so much !
  • jessrosee96
    jessrosee96 Posts: 1 Member
    A simple dressing of fresh lemon juice and a a touch of rock salt is nice of light mayo isn't an option
  • SammysMommy3
    SammysMommy3 Posts: 10 Member
    Lime juice chopped onion and celantro omg the best eattin with lettuce
  • lorrpb
    lorrpb Posts: 11,464 Member
    Yogurt or avocado or a whipped blend of both
  • EllaLeahB
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    You can use a bit of olive oil or use less mayo. The all of oil is not that bad as long as it's good olive oil. Are usually add a little bit of lemon to mine whether it's mayonnaise or all of oil I switch back-and-forth between the two.
  • Pupslice
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    I use plain non-fat Greek yogurt and a little yellow or Dijon mustard.
  • uriahlahti
    uriahlahti Posts: 1 Member
    I like mixing vinegar with oil in with the tuna. It tastes good.
  • J_NY_Z
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    Sour cream or Greek yogurt. It will take some salt and pepper though.
  • KristieJC
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    I use a little honey mustard
  • KristieJC
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    Also, my grandmother taught me about adding chopped apple instead of celery. I still do that. It's really good.
  • jessiferrrb
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    i'll use real mayo most often in a 50/50 ratio with light cream cheese and some lemon juice, tarragon, garlic salt and white pepper. it's not going to kill me, but if you're wanting to avoid real mayo, you can whip up a vegan one that is tofu based pretty easily.